The Best Reactions From Google's Big AdWords Announcement

By Tinuiti Team

This morning, Google’s unveiling of many new AdWords features had the international Paid Search community buzzing with mixed reactions. #StepInsideAdWords was probably the first time I’ve seen a PPC related subject that was trending so much, it actually attracted bot spammers to the thread.

We compiled the best reactions from industry experts on what they thought of the feature releases. These tweets pretty much some up the general community reaction:

> 1,300 people watching the thrilling Google livestream with the most awkward hashtag (#stepinsideadwords) Definitely prefer #ppcchat 🙂

— Tally Keller (@tallykeller) April 22, 2014

Apps, apps, apps. We get it. Would be interested to know what percentage of AdWords activity is for apps??? #ppcchat #StepInsideAdWords

— John Lee (@John_A_Lee) April 22, 2014

Innovative ad formats, insightful reporting, and intelligent tools #ppcchat

— Matthew Umbro (@Matt_Umbro) April 22, 2014

@bgtheory Just new tools. Retirement is pure speculation by #ppcchat

— Melissa Mackey (@Mel66) April 22, 2014

Great product announcements from Google, my job just got easier #StepInsideAdWords

— Alex Wargo (@Wyatt_CFMaven) April 22, 2014

Draft Mode works like a Shopping Cart for Campaign changes…pair that with Bulk Updates to make your life much easier #StepInsideAdWords

— Strathcom Media (@Strathcom) April 22, 2014

“Future of marketing is to reach people in the right context” #StepInsideAdWords

— Liz Serafin (@lizserafin) April 22, 2014

New Adwords enhanced reporting tool and drafts look FANTASTIC! #StepInsideAdWords

— Brent Zahradnik (@Zahradnik) April 22, 2014

Excited about the 2 Power Tools within #adwords. #StepInsideAdWords

— Eliza Cuevas (@CPCEliza) April 22, 2014

To be honest these developments were interesting but I don’t know if they warrented the hype around the announcements #ppcchat — Nii A. Ahene (@Nii_Ahene) April 22, 2014

Eager to know more about how Google plans to use the power of #local to maximize Revenue per SERP. #ppcchat #StepInsideAdWords — udayanbose (@udayanbose) April 22, 2014

.@CPC_Rick on Today’s Adwords Announcments – “Tim Tebow + Jeremy Lin.” #ppcchat #stepinsideadwords – Flashy but not game changers 😉

— Nii A. Ahene (@Nii_Ahene) April 22, 2014

Looking forward to the new @adwords drafts and experiments. Wonder when it will roll out #StepInsideAdWords #ppcchat

— Bizible (@bizible) April 22, 2014

New reporting and drafts/experiments features look great. The rest was a load of ‘meh’ #StepInsideAdWords #ppcchat

— Adam Garnsey (@garnsee) April 22, 2014

Nice new @adwords reporting features, though I’m confident I won’t feel compelled to give up my pivot tables. #ppcchat #StepInsideAdWords

— George Gilmer (@GeorgeGilmer) April 22, 2014

So what wasn’t announced was any timeline. Is this 1 week or 6 months away? #ppcchat CC @adwords

— Brad Geddes (@bgtheory) April 22, 2014

RT @robdwoods: RT @netmeg: Experiment is cool, but they’ll have to pry the AWE out of my cold dead hands. #ppcchat [hear, hear]

— Brad Geddes (@bgtheory) April 22, 2014

I’m looking forward to seeing the @BingAds response to this. I’m sure they’ll have one, even if it’s just satirical 🙂 #ppcchat

— Arianne Donoghue (@ArianneDonoghue) April 22, 2014

I know we’re excited about these new tools – but it will mean nothing to clients. #ppcchat

— Steve Cameron (@adventcom) April 22, 2014

Experiments are a game changer foor campaigns that can’t run on Kenshoo/Marin etc. Seriously… It’s time to have fun #ppcchat @CPCstrategy

— Nii A. Ahene (@Nii_Ahene) April 22, 2014

Stay tuned for some more in-depth analysis on the new features!

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