This Week in Retail Search: 7/9/2014

By Tinuiti Team

Retail Search Recap 7/9/2014

Below are the most important stories in retail search this week.

Digital Marketing News:

Wpromote: 500 Companies Graded on Their Digital Marketing Efforts

Wpromote has released their 2014 Online Marketing Score Card, an evaluation of 500 different digital marketing efforts across major retail businesses.

Retailers were ranked on 7 categories:


Of the top retailers only 2% of retailers graded scored an “A” (90% and above) in Wpromote’s evaluation. Shutterfly, an internet based image publishing company, received a perfect score followed by Vista Print and REI. Roughly 25% of companies review by Wpromote received a failing grade of 60% or lower.

Search Engine Watch: 10 Ways to Generate Traffic Without Google

With Google’s continued search engine updates, the ability for small businesses to rank well on Google is becoming increasingly limited. Search Engine Watch recently highlighted 10 ways to generate web traffic without Google, below are the top five:


AdAge: Facebook to Buy LiveRail – Video Ad Seller

Following the rollout of Facebook video-specific ads,  last June, Facebook acquired LiveRail which specializes in automated video ad purchasing.

LiveRail is responsible for the automation of video ad purchasing for publishers including ABC Family and Major League Baseball, Facebook is poised to automate the sale of video ads with LiveRail’s technology.

Facebook will continue LiveRail’s existing business and sell ads to non-Facebook publishers in conjunction with leveraging their technology. With the increase in popularity of video ads, it is estimated $5.98 billion will be spent on digital video advertising in 2014.

Mobile News:

Adweek: Mobile Marketers Know Who You Are and Where You’ve Been

The majority of mobile marketers leveraging location based advertising target users based on current location.

A study from Montana’s Bureau of Tourism found ads targeting a user’s current location were less effective than ad targeting including the last 20 locations of a user. The  4 month Montana Bureau of Tourism’s studied $25,000 geo-targeted campaign ad spend.

Based on the mobile location ad testing the Bureau saw: 


Retail News:

TechCrunch: FAA Bans the Use of Drones to Deliver Packages

Following Amazon Air’s drone announcement last year, commercial use of drones has been a hot topic for businesses as the technology becomes more accessible. This June the FAA’s new ruling has ended the dreams of Amazon Air delivering products to your doorstep.

The FAA Drone Statute Ruling stated:


Tamebay: Internet Retailing Awards 2014

Every year, the Internet Retailing Awards are given to leaders within the internet retail community who connect most successfully with the digital customer. Retailers are judged by an international panel of experts supported by independent research. For 2014 the internet retail leaders include:


Nation Retail Federation: Amazon Makes The Top 10 Retailers in 2014

Contrary to years past, this year, the National Retail Federation reported Amazon is the first internet only retailer to penetrate the top 10 among 100 retailers. Amazon added nearly $10 billion in internet retail sales last year, matching Wal-Mart’s total sales. Wal-Mart saw impressive growth in e-commerce as well, ranking #4 in online retailing behind Amazon, Apple and Staples.

Google News:

TechCrunch: Google In Talks to Acquire Baarzo

To date the ability to search within video content is a nonexistent feature, relegating users to search using video titles and descriptions. Last month, a source indicated Google is in talks about purchasing Baarzo, a company which focuses on video search technology.

Currently Google, like many search engines parse the title, descriptions and other text to curate video search results. For Google, Baarzo’s video search technology service could be applied to YouTube or universally across media types.

Stayed tuned for next week’s report on retail search!

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