Tips to Engage New Readers For Any SEO Blog Post

By Tinuiti Team

With the recent Google Hummingbird update front and center and perhaps more changes on the horizon, the SEO community continues to buzz about best practices for both now and the foreseeable future.

Amongst all of the expert advice, questions and answer sessions, and webinars, however, one trend will remain constant: content is king. The demand for quality continues to trend upward, while keyword stuffing, faulty link baiting and other practices have fallen by the wayside.

You don’t need your own personal blog, an English degree, or to read marketing blogs all day to create engaging SEO copy (though any of those would help). In order to craft engaging content for new readers, keep these tips dashed nearby to help.


Create a User Experience
Words are not the only means to create compelling content in today’s SEO world. Thinking visually about presentation and how to illustrate your words will provide a “user experience” for readers. Sure, keywords represent a integral aspect of SEO, but enriching your copy with research, new media, and links to other pages will build a level of authenticity with your audience and search engines alike. Likewise with social media, embedding tweets, photos and videos into posts can also drive organic traffic; these visual aids create fresh content that succeeds in this age of content marketing.

Connect With Your Social Presence
As social media becomes a larger part of Google SERP placement, content integration with these outlets becomes just as paramount. Facebook “Likes” and Google “+1s” now factor into page authority, making buzzworthy and sharable content all the more important. As a result, blog posts should all include social buttons and links to remind readers to connect with them on social channels. A smart, insightful or creative post has a better chance of being shared and liked when it’s easy to do so.

Don’t Be Afraid to Get Creative
With more and more brands utilizing SEO to reach readers, a little creativity will do wonders to stand out. Readers appreciate an authentic voice tries to connect with their audience, so find space in your posts to tell stories and share personal experiences. Use memorable quotes and anecdotes that will hammer your point home. The same goes for titles and meta descriptions; use every tool at your disposal to hook a reader into your post. Adding that extra creative zeal could just bring readers coming back for more.

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