Top 3 Social Media Sites for Ecommerce SEO

By Tinuiti Team

This is a guest post by Tyler Tafelsky. Tyler is lead ecommerce SEO analyst at Click Centric SEO, with over 5 years of social media and search marketing experience. You can contact Tyler @TylerTafelsky.

If you operate an ecommerce site and have some level of interest in SEO, then you’re probably aware that social media is becoming a very important tool in search.

How Social Media Influences SEO

There are three primary ways in which social media can influence a website’s SEO value:

Top Social Media Sites for Ecommerce SEO

Social Media for ecommerce Pinterest

Whether for creative inspiration, fashion ideas, or recipes, people on Pinterest are allured by this image-intensive platform. Naturally, ecommerce sites can carve their niche on Pinterest by pinning product-focused images that capture their inventories.

In addition to establishing a quality presence and following on Pinterest, there are many SEO benefits on this social network. Not only can Pinterest profile pages rank particularly well in Google and other search engines, but Pinterest profile pages also provide a nice DoFollow backlink to your website.

SEO Tip for Pinterest: When setting-up your Pinterest page, respectively use your target keywords in the page’s URL, as well as your profile’s description and select pinboards. The keyword here is “respectively.” Do not sacrifice the integrity of your Pinterest page by over-optimizing for SEO.

Twitter SEO for ecommerce Twitter

Twitter offers a incredible SEO potential for all types of brands and businesses. Twitter is one of the pioneers in the social media realm and offers one of the largest, most widespread populations of users.

For SEO, tweets and re-tweets are amongst the most powerful of social signals. So when the content you share is well-liked by your Twitter audience (in addition to followers of your audience,) your content’s overall ranking potential can increase.

SEO Tip for Twitter: Make an effort to make your presence known. Reach-out, follow, and re-tweet posts of relevant influencers and brands. You can also try leveraging promoted tweets to get in front of new users, but avoid the hard sell. Instead offer them incentive to follow you.

The larger the following you can cultivate on Twitter, the more exposure (and potential to earn social signals) your content will have.

Google Plus Social Media for Ecommerce SEO Google+

Although Google+ is an emerging social platform (and one that many brands overlook,) it offers incredible potential for SEO. In fact, Google+ is evolving the search landscape completely.

In short, the more people that encircle your brand on Google+, the greater control you’ll have over their Google search results. For more specific details on how this works, check out this CPC strategy article which summarizes how an active Google+ presence can influence your brand’s overall SEO efforts.

SEO Tip for Google+: Parallel to reading the latter article I linked above, you’ll want to strive to make your Google+ presence known and prominent. Engage in relevant Google+ communities, encircle key influencers, and share content of sheer awesomeness. Currently, Google+ may seem like an underrated social media platform. But in time, I foresee tremendous growth in Google+ as marketers realize that SEO is far more socially integrated then they think.


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