How to Use Google to Gain More Insight into Your Business

By Tinuiti Team

Most people know that Google offers the optimum search experience. You type in a word, phrase, or question, and filter through thousands of results. However, Google also offers a wealth of tools for businesses and marketing agencies that want to better position themselves online. Here are a few examples:

Google Customer Surveys

Millions of people use Google to find content every day, which is what makes Google Customer Surveys so powerful. When you want to survey a broad range of consumers, you can initiate a survey through this platform.

You can select your target audience or demographic, type a specific question you want respondents to answer, and pay the nominal fee. Google publishes these survey questions on blocked or gated content. When users don’t want to pay to see the content, they can answer the questions instead.

Performing custom market research can cost thousands of dollars, which is why Google Customer Surveys is such an attractive proposition. Use it to inform your decisions on trending markets, brand tracking, product development, proof of concept research, customer satisfaction, and more. Within days, you’ll have a significant body of results to help you make more pragmatic decisions.

Think With Google

When you’re interested in statistics, case studies, user analysis, and other high-level data, you can’t go wrong with Think With Google. From the home page, you can select the “Topics” drop-down menu at the top right of your screen and select the category in which you’re most interested. You can bring up data and think pieces on mobile, video, consumer trends, retail, micro-moments, and more. Alternatively, select “All Industries and Topics” to view a broader range of information.

Think With Google proves most useful when you want to dive into a deep pool of data and information. You’ll better understand your industry and your target market, and you might find new ways to serve your audience (or new demographics to target) as a result of your research.

Google Trends

When you need in-depth data and information about your brand and your competitors’ brands, Google Trends doesn’t disappoint. You can type in your brand name in the search box to produce information about global and regional interest, share of voice (SOV), and other data. If you operate in a particular geographic region, you can narrow down the criteria based on location boundaries.

You’ll learn about how brand awareness has changed and evolved over time and about markets that might deserve more attention from your marketing, advertising, and sales teams. You can also use it to inform keyword build-outs; use the related term function to identify fresh keywords for advertising and content marketing. Google Trends even tracks “rising” terms so you can jump on opportunities quickly.

Google isn’t just a tool for finding the nearest pizza joint or the latest movie releases. The above tools can help you harness the Internet more powerfully in your marketing and advertising campaigns. If you’re having trouble achieving the brand visibility you want, learn more about our SEO services.

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