This Week In Retail Search 10/1/2014

By Tinuiti Team

Retail Search Recap 10/1/2014

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Mobile News

Wall Street Journal: eBay Prepping New Mobile Ad Network

Online retailer eBay is preparing to launch a new mobile ad network to target the site’s 4.6 million daily visitors. The ads will show on the eBay mobile app and mobile website and will allow improved customer targeting using eBay’s extensive information database about user buying habits.

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eCommerce News

Advertising Age: Apple is About to Take Amazon to School Over Mobile Commerce

Apple’s newly announced Apple Pay mobile isn’t just about payments at brick and mortar stores. It is about building a payments ecosystem that reaches into retail, app, and online spending.

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Digital Marketing News

CIO: 9 Digital Marketing Strategies to Woo Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are a diverse group with varying levels on online engagement. Segmenting and targeting your strategy will help you succeed with this important demographic.

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Google News

Google Reveals Sub-$100 Android Phones

While Apple’s new, high end iPhone models are going on sale, Google has revealed a new Android handset. The Android One, which will bring low cost smartphones to international markets will initially go on sale in India this week. Google plans to roll out the phone in several other countries before the end of the year.

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