This Week In Retail Search 9/10/2014

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Retail Search Recap 9/10/2014

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Google News:

Below are the top stories in Google related news this week.

TechCrunch: Google’s Ground Truth Initiative For Maps Now Covers 50 Countries

In 2008, Google Maps created Ground Truth, a project aimed to expand Google Maps coverage to more countries and improve existing maps. With the help of local volunteers, Google Maps now covers 50 countries including Taiwan, Malaysia and Poland.

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Mobile News:

Below are the top stories in mobile related news this week.

Internet Retailer: Apple Poised To Supercharge Mobile Payments

Apple is set to break the mold for mobile payments with the new iPhone announcement next week. It is rumored Apple has partnered with three major credit card companies to support their mobile payment solution. Additionally, Apple expected to include bio-metric and NFC technologies in the next generation iPhone.

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Retail News:

Below are the top stories in retail related news this week.

Internet Retailer: eBay Executive Joins RetailMeNot

RetailMeNot has hired former eBay executive Micheal Jones to lead relationship development efforts with big retailers and brands. Jones will also lead RetailMeNot’s drive to connect online shoppers with brick and motor stores and online retailers.

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Digital Marketing News:

Below are the top stories in digital marketing related news this week.

Search Engine Watch: HTTPS Doesn’t Boost Rankings

Last month, Google reported HTTPS protocol will be incorporated as a light ranking-signal in their search algorithm. Google admits that it will affect less than 1% of search queries. Search Metric’s new study supports Google’s claim and currently shows HTTPS has very little, if any, impact on ranking.

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