This Week in Retail Search News 10/15/2014

By Tinuiti Team

Retail Search Weekly Recap

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Retail Search News

Wall Street Journal: U.S Holiday Retail Sales Expected to Rise 4%

As the economy continues to improve, holiday sales are expected to rise to the highest level since the recession. U.S. sales are expected to reach $488.6 billion this year.

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Mobile News

TechCrunch: Apple Patent On The NFC Mechanics of Apple Pay Details Its Inner Workings

Apple has applied for a patent related to the upcoming Apple Pay mobile payments system, and the details of the application give us a view under the hood on how this innovative product will work.

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eWeek: Apple Pay vs. Google Wallet: A Brief Competitive Comparison

Digital Marketing News

HuffPost Tech: 3 Building Blocks of a Budget-Friendly, Customer-Centric Digital Marketing Campaign

Marketing expert Holly Hammond shares the key components of a top digital marketing campaign strategy with a focus on personalization, technology, and a data driven approach.

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eCommerce News

Forbes: Before Beating Walmart, Alibaba Must Beat Amazon

The Chinese digital retailer, on the heels of a blockbuster IPO, has big aspirations for growth and competition against traditional brick and mortar retailers. But before it can do that, it must first surpass Amazon’s $82 billion.

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Social News

Marketing Land: Google+ Says It’s Thriving But Refuses To Give User Figures

Google+ has been downgraded by most in the last year, but Google’s head of Social David Bersbris emphasizes the social platform is still growing and vibrant.

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