What is Google AdWords Express & Is it the Right Choice for My Business?

By Tinuiti Team

Want to advertise on Google but can’t decipher the complicated labyrinth that is AdWords?

Then Google just might have your answer: AdWords Express.

Previously called “Boost,” the newly revamped AdWords Express tool is designed with newbie and amateur PPC artists in mind. A far cry from the robust, feature-laden platform that is traditional AdWords, Express is a much more pared down, drag-and-drop sort of PPC tool.

But is AdWords Express the right choice for your business?

Let’s dive in further.

AdWords Express vs. Traditional AdWords


The key difference between AdWords Express and the traditional AdWords lies in the control it gives its users.

While AdWords 1.0 comes with so many flexible features and variables it takes a pro to really maximize your results, AdWords Express is the opposite.

With very few options and a much more hands-off approach, it’s a tool you set up once, add in your budget, and your job is done. There’s no researching, monitoring or tweaking.

Obviously, this set-up isn’t right for everyone, and like anything, it has its own unique pros and cons.


Advantages of AdWords Express:


Cons of AdWords Express:


Who Should Use AdWords Express?

AdWords Express is designed to make advertising on Google accessible to everyone.

But does that mean everyone should use it? Definitely not.

Because it lacks the flexibility and control of traditional AdWords, Express is best reserved for smaller, local businesses or businesses with smaller budgets. Organizations with few staff resources (to manage the account and learn the ins and outs of AdWords) may see benefit from the tool as well.

Even then, smaller businesses should proceed with caution and you may want to consider hiring a PPC consultant / agency to help you with a more robust traditional AdWords account instead.

Blog Post: “6 Signs You Should Outsource AdWords Management

They can do your keyword research, configure your campaigns, and provide or execute on instructions for management and optimization. You might stand to gain more with a more customized, DIY account than the hands-off Express approach in the end.

Have you used AdWords Express before? How do you think it compares to the original? Let me know in the comments.

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