What’s In An AdWords Ad? It’s More Than 25-35-35

By Tinuiti Team

Lisa Raehsler is a PPC Strategy Consultant with more than 15 years of marketing experience. A Google Adword Partner and columnist for ClickZ, Lisa is an expert in search engine marketing and analysis. Below Lisa talks about high level strategies that search engine marketers should use in their ad campaigns.

For some, the AdWords PPC text ad is a series of characters in a hypnotic 25-35-35 rhythm with some link to some website somewhere. Nevermind if there is no planned landing page, “let’s send it to the homepage” is a common mantra.

While you can’t include everything you want in your AdWords ads, you can pack more than you’d expect in that little space. Consider the three golden rules for successful ad copy:

Relevancy is King

Relevancy from keyword query to ad to landing page is important for both Google quality scores and the searcher’s experience with your advertising.


Compelling Copy

Ad texts should be written in a compelling way that attracts attention and clicks.


Seal the Deal

You can court your potential customers all day long, but you have to ask for the sale, as they say.

In the following example, we can see many of these best practices put to use:

What makes up the Adwords Ad

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