The Google algorithm is designed to provide users with highly relevant content with minimal effort. However, it is often difficult for users to find what they are looking for among the 30 trillion webpages indexed in Google. Fortunately, the search engine giant provides several great commands to streamline the search process. The infographic below provides a number of advanced Google search tips, such as:

  • Use the site: command along with your specified keywords to search for results within a specific domain. For example, you could type “paid search site:” to find all the articles our site has published on paid search.
  • You can use hyphens “-“ to specify keywords that should be omitted from the search results. If you wanted to look for articles related to pools that didn’t focus on cleaning, then you could use the phrase “pool –cleaning.”
  • You can look for search results containing all specified keywords in the title, url or text with the respective allintitle:, allinurl: and allintext: commands.
  • You can search for an exact phrase by using the

These filters allow Google users to find the information they are searching for much more easily. It is always a good idea to take advantage of advanced Google search tips to save time procuring the most relevant search results.


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