Google Shopping Campaigns, the new Product Listing Ads uprooted Google Shopping completely this October, changing how online advertisers set up and manage Google Product ads.

If you’re not familiar with Google Shopping Campaigns, check out our comprehensive guide which answers the following questions (and more):

  • What are Google Shopping Campaigns?
  • Should I use Google Shopping Campaigns for my Google ads/
  • How can I set up Google Shopping Campaigns?
  • How can I increase ROI for my Google ads?

If you’re more of an auditory learner, check out how to set up Google Shopping campaigns and improve ROI with this Google Shopping Campaigns video tutorial.

3 Things To Remember When Switching to Google Shopping Campaigns

Here are 3 thing that often get overlooked or set up incorrectly when advertisers switch to the new Google Shopping campaign type.

1) Mobile Bid Modifier
2) Geo-Bid Modifiers
3) Day-Parting Modifiers

Mobile Bid ModifiersGoogle Shopping campaigns mobile bids

If you didn’t have mobile optimized with the old Product Listing Ads structure, updating mobile settings for the new campaign structure is a must. Mobile modifications are relatively new (part of Google’s July enhanced Campaigns roll out), and should be tested extensively.

Keep the following things in mind when setting up mobile bid modifiers for Google Shopping Campaigns:

  • Test mobile bids based on product attributes (type, category,etc.)
  • Optimize your copy to reflect the target device and user intent
  • Be sure your site is mobile optimized
  • Consider cross-promotional mobile ads
  • Remember mobile users often use multiple devices
  • Utilize retargeting mobile ads
  • Analyze your ad performance using the Dimensions tab in AdWords:


Google device segmentation


Geo Bid Modifiers

Geo bids Google Shopping campaigns

Geography based bid changes or modifiers is another feature associated with Enhanced Campaigns which allows advertisers to change bid percentages based on locations. Consider your location, customers, products and online store before making any geo based changes,.

Keep the following things in mind when setting up Geo bid modifiers for Google Shopping Campaigns:

  • First decide what regions you want to target based on your site, audience and performance goals.
  • Consider segmenting for online and brick and mortar locations.
  • Note customer intent based on location (remember location and targeting intent can be combined)
  • Utilize mobile ads for customers close to stores which can be redeemed in-store
  • Delve into Analytics data, and AdWords dimensions reports (Geographic report, location report, custom colums to reflect visitor data)
  • Avoid setting location to the entire US to limit click spend
  • Remove unwanted locations. Exclude areas which don’t improve ROI and increase click through.
  • Understand the difference between target location options:
    • “People in, searching for, or viewing pages about my targeted location.” (default) -All visitors from all lcoations who have shown interest in a city you’re targeting by their search activity.
    • People in my targeted location- Visitors around- People around your city
    • People searching for or viewing pages about my targeted location- People searching for your location

Day-Parting ModifiersGoogle shopping campaigns day of the week reports

Just as consumer habits vary by device and location, behavior also varies based on time of the day. Not all shopping hours (days, months,etc.) are created equally, and you don’t want to waste spend on times which don’t convert.

Keep the following things in mind when setting up Day-Parting bid modifiers for Google Shopping Campaigns:

  • What time do your visitors shop the most, and convert highest?
  • Use the Ad Scheduling function in Advanced settings to set bids based on time and day of the week
  • Tailor you ad visibility
  • Remember your time zone may be different than that of different shopper segments
  • Consider modiying spend and budget based on high converting days and times, such as the weekend
  • Monitor site clicks, conversions and impressions over time using the Dimensions tab and AdWords segments:


Google day parting

Check out this resource for directions on when, how, and why to set up Day Parting.

For Geo and Day Modifiers, the campaign switch could be an opportunity to test out some new bid adjustments. Remember testing geo and day modifiers is important, but positive results can come from getting less aggressive on bids.

Google recently updated bidding, negative keywords and promotions on the product group level (formerly campaign), which will help advertisers optimize their Google ads. Geo bidding and day-parting are still only available at the campaign level, but may be available at the product group level in time.


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