Side by side comparison of old rates to new (click to enlarge):

A rate hike in the summer is not as common as one during the winter when sales pick up. Merchants will have to increase conversion rates in order to sustain their ROI.

We’ll keep an eye on how these new rates affect merchant campaigns and if other Comparison Shopping Engines follow suit.

As a positive, NexTag announced the addition of 19 new categories to their website.

New Category CPC
Jewelry & Watches/ Rings $0.60
Clothing & Accessories/ Women/ Dresses & Skirts $0.35
Clothing & Accessories/ Women/ Outerwear $0.35
Clothing & Accessories/ Men/ Outerwear $0.35
Sports & Outdoors/ Outdoors $0.35
Toys/ Outdoor Toys $0.30
Home & Garden/ Furnishings/Lighting $0.40
Home & Garden/ Furnishings/Rugs $0.40
Home & Garden/ Furnishings/Home Décor $0.40
Home & Garden /Home Improvement/Tools $0.40
Home & Garden/ Home Improvement/ Window Treatments $0.40
Home & Garden /Home Improvement/ Flooring $0.40
Home & Garden/ Home Improvement/ Fireplaces & Accessories $0.40
Home & Garden/ Furniture/ Beds & Mattresses $0.40
Home & Garden/ Furniture/ Sofas $0.40
Home & Garden/ Furniture/ Dining Sets $0.40
Home & Garden/ Furniture/ Tables $0.40
Home & Garden/ Furniture/TV Stands & Entertainment Media Centers $0.40
Home & Garden/ Home Improvement/Bathroom Fixtures $0.40

This addition helps better organize product listings and will increase conversions by sending merchants more qualified leads.

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