Are you holding back on Branded AdWords Campaigns? 3 Reasons You Should Reconsider [Video]

By Tinuiti Team

Are you bidding on your own brand in AdWords? Branded AdWords campaigns are frequently a source of fear and frustration for PPC marketers, with competitor brands bidding on your brand, and PPC implications for SEO.

Check out the video below to determine whether Trademark Campaigns on AdWords are right for your online store.

3 Common Objections to Branding & Trademark Campaigns

Branded & Trademark AdWords Campaigns are an effective way to increase and measure brand awareness on Google.

Despite branding benefits, online retailers often fear Branded AdWords Campaigns implications on SEO, Ad cost and search.

Below CPC Stategy’s Paid Search Marketing Director discusses AdWords Trademark Campaigns fears, and how PPC marketers should address them:



What are Branded AdWords Campaigns?

AdWords brand campaigns are designed to get more searchers familiar with your store, and your products  on search or “build awareness of and positive associations with your company and its products and services”- Google

Why Branded AdWords Campaigns?

Branded or Trademark AdWords Campaigns increase your brand visibility on search, and increase your competitive edge against sellers who feature similar inventory. Even if you have an organic presence on Google, Branded AdWords campaigns may be a good investment.

 5 Reasons to feature Branded PPC Campaigns:

1. Major companies often bid for their competitor brands on search, even when the brand owner is not
2. Increase your brand presence on search
3. Branded PPC ads appear at the top of search, above any organic results for your store
4. Low Branded PPC cost
5. Brand searches are generally bottom of the funnel

Stay tuned for a deep dive into 3 of the major reasons PPC marketers are afraid of Branded PPC Campaigns:

1. Branded AdWords Campaigns and New Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
2. Branded AdWords Campaigns and Negative SEO Impact
3. Branded AdWords Campaigns and Brand Dilution

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