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Streaming Ads that Work – and Why

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Streaming Ads That Perform.

We can all think of streaming ads that have caught our attention but did they really perform?

We can answer that question–based on a combination of marketing science, advanced measurement tools, and extensive testing with our large pool of world-class clients.

And the good news is, even if you don’t have the budget for high production value, or want to leverage streaming advertising for something other than brand awareness, you can create streaming ads that perform.

In this webinar, our experts were joined by marketing attribution platform, Rockerbox, and dove into client examples of streaming advertising and analyzed why they worked — from the creative to the strategy behind them.

What You’ll Learn

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Reverse engineering streaming ads that performed–and why
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Best practices for creative, including what is proven by data to work
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How to understand user paths to conversion and the relationship between streaming and bottom of the funnel channels
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How to make streaming ads that perform, even without high production value
Aidan Arnold

Aidan Arnold

Director of Client Strategy & Analytics


Matt Perry

Matt Perry

Creative Director


Kelsey Kearns

Kelsey Kearns

Head of Customer Success

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