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The 2023 CPG Customer Journey

Rapid Evolution in How Consumers Discover and Purchase Day-to-Day Essentials

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What are the most effective channels for winning CPG customers, and how does that vary by product category and age group?

To answer these and other key questions for CPG marketers, Tinuiti surveyed more than 3,000 US adults across three unique surveys designed to dive deep into beauty, food and beverage, and over-the-counter (OTC) health product consumption habits.

From search to influencers, TikTok to Instagram, Amazon to mom-and-pop shops, CPG customers have never before had as many ways to discover and purchase day-to-day essentials as they do in 2023, and marketers have never had more potential touchpoints to use in influencing those purchases. Download The 2023 CPG Customer Journey to better understand what consumers are looking for today.

In this comprehensive report, you’ll learn cross-category insights to help craft effective marketing plans, including:

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