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2024 Digital
Marketing Panels

What we covered

  • Breaking down the biggest challenges marketers are facing this year.
  • Expert insights and predictions for what to expect next year
  • Key steps you need to take to set your brand apart from the competition in 2024

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2 Days. 6 Sessions.

Our biggest event of the year will help you uncover how your brand can achieve clarity in order to attain peak performance in 2024.

As a seasoned marketer, you’re no stranger to the breakneck pace of decision-making in the complex world of digital marketing. Trying to get a clear picture of how your media investments are performing amidst signal loss and those towering walled gardens can sometimes feel like an elusive goal.

Together, we will dig into the strategies and priorities that will define marketing success in 2024. Our expert moderators and panelists from Tinuiti and our valued partners will guide you through these critical topics. Join us for two days you can’t miss, and get ready to trade chaos for clarity.


Wednesday, December 6 2023

How do I ensure both my media and creative is data-driven?

In the world of digital marketing, where innovation is fueled by data, creative testing is the heartbeat of effective campaigns. No longer can we rely solely on intuition; we must let the data be our guide.

Tinuiti’s Paid Social and design experts will be joined by our partners from marketing measurement platform, Rockerbox, mobile growth and attribution platform, Branch, A/B testing and conversion optimization platform, VWO. This panel discussion will leave you with strategies to ensure your Paid Social campaigns not only resonate with your audience but lead them to take action.


Lauren Walden

Director, Client Growth Tinuiti

Brett Hastie

Associate Creative Director Tinuiti

Ron Jacobson

CEO/Co-founder Rockerbox

Sophie Frostbaum

Business Strategy Manager Branch

Jan Marks

Director, Europe & Latin America VWO

How do I reach the optimal level of investment for maximum impact and efficiency?

The quest for the perfect media investment strategy is marked by both challenges and opportunities. Whether you’re navigating the Streaming or Commerce landscape, finding that elusive sweet spot where investment yields maximum impact and efficiency is the ultimate goal.

Tinuiti’s media, client strategy and marketplaces experts will be joined by mobile app attribution and analytics leader, Kochava, and unified marketing data platform, Singular. Our expert panelists will share their predictions and insights for the upcoming year. We’ll leverage the power of data and analytics to paint a clear picture of the marketing landscape ahead.


Shasta Cafarelli

SVP, Media Strategy Tinuiti

Alex Rossi

Director, Client Strategy & Analytics Tinuiti

Tanya Valle

Senior Strategist, Marketplaces Tinuiti

Gary Danks

General Manager of Always-on Incremental Measurement Kochava

Eran Friedman

CTO & Cofounder Singular

How do I make bold (yet strategic) bets to improve future performance?

Staying ahead of the marketing curve requires a unique blend of audacity and strategy. How can you make bold moves that propel your brand into the future while ensuring every bet you place is a strategic one?

The panel includes Tinuiti’s streaming and client strategy experts, joined by one of the world’s leading media and entertainment companies, NBCUniversal. Dive into the future of advertising where television becomes not just a viewer’s delight but a shopping destination. We’ll explore the transformation of TV ads into shoppable experiences, and how to place your bets strategically for maximum impact.


Stefanos Metaxas

EVP of Client Strategy & Analytics, Streaming+ Tinuiti

Breckon Lewis

Client Strategy Associate Account Director Tinuiti

Collette Winn

VP, Advertising Strategy NBCUniversal


Wednesday, December 13 2023

How do I break down barriers between channels?

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain real-world insights from experts who have successfully overcome the hurdles of operating across multiple channels.

Tinuiti’s Commerce Media expert will be joined by modern soda company, Poppi, and personal care company, Nécessaire. Their unique experiences and success stories will shed light on navigating omnichannel marketing, offering a glimpse into how successful brands are handling channel integration.


Aaron Gooden

Director, Commerce Media Tinuiti

Andrew Judd

Chief Marketing Officer Poppi

Calvin Lammers

VP of Digital & Media Nècessaire

How do I ensure my marketing building blocks are 2024 ready?

Join us on this journey to unveil the building blocks that will shape your brand’s success in 2024. Our expert panelists will arm you with the knowledge and strategies needed to ensure your marketing foundation is rock-solid and 2024-ready.

Tinuiti experts from Paid Search, Retail Operations and SEO will be joined by eCommerce fulfillment solution, ShipBob, search intelligence platform, Adthena, and cross channel marketing platform, Iterable. Our panelists will guide you through the intricacies of Paid Search strategies, dive into the ever-evolving world of SEO, focusing on the key elements that drive visibility and organic growth for your brand. Learn how to reinvest in your business by optimizing your commerce strategy to drive both revenue generation and recovery and make your brand stronger than ever.


Aaron Levy

Vice President, Paid Search Tinuiti

Phil Stolt

Senior Vice President, Retail Operations Tinuiti

Thomas Davis

Manager of Platform Partnerships ShipBob

Gary Galloway

Senior Global Product Marketing Director Adthena

Sterling Bailey

Product Evangelist Iterable

How do I effectively personalize messaging to my audiences?

Personalization is the key to capturing your audience’s attention and driving meaningful engagement. Join us in this session as we explore the art and science of effectively personalizing your messaging.

The panel includes Tinuiti’s Lifecycle Marketing expert and marketplaces expert, along with conversion optimization platform, Justuno, omnichannel marketing platform, Skai, and customer marketing platform, Okendo. We’ll examine how technology, data, and strategic investments are reshaping the traditional upper funnel approach while sharing experiences, challenges, and surprising insights from the year 2023.


Emily Clarkson

Senior Director, Lifecycle Marketing Tinuiti

Jonathan Cole

Strategist, Marketplaces Tinuiti

Steph Carcamo

Partner Marketing Manager Justuno

Ana Santaella

Sr. Director of Product Marketing Skai

Adena Merabi

Partnerships Team Lead Okendo

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