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2022 Amazon & Retail Media Virtual Summit


What You’ll Learn:

  • Comprehensive Amazon strategies, including winning formulas for both advertising and operations
  • What the future of Retail Media looks like, including how online grocery shopping is changing and how one of our clients is capitalizing on the explosive market
  • What to do to get discovered – and convert customers – across the Retail Media landscape
  • Everything you need to know to succeed in 2022

Register to View On Demand:

2 days. 9 jam-packed sessions. 3,000+ marketers.

Success on Amazon and across Retail Media platforms requires more expertise than ever before: full-funnel metrics, a holistic understanding of your audience, not to mention a nimble operations strategy.

The good news is, our experts know exactly how to build brands across retail. Join us for fast-paced sessions across two days packed with excellent content (last year’s attendees gave us a 9/10 rating.)

We’ll be covering Amazon to Walmart, Instacart to Target, in-store to online (and how they are overlapping), and advertising to operations.

You won’t want to miss our 7th annual summit. Plus, you’ll be in good company – we are expecting 3,000+ marketers.

Excellent virtual summit. Will join again next year.

VP, e-Commerce Sales, Fortune 500 Consumer Electronics Brand

Loved the structure of your summit. All of your speakers were extremely knowledgeable.

Director, e-Commerce Leading Beverage Brand


How to Leverage the Latest Data Trends in Amazon Advertising

Rising CPCs, brand new features, and large variations in year-over-year performance: advertising on Amazon has seen lots of changes — and opportunities — in recent months. Join our research and advertising experts to learn what’s new on Amazon, what we’re predicting for this year, and how you can succeed on the marketplace.

andy taylor headshot

Andy Taylor

VP Research Tinuiti
audrey eytchison headshot

Audrey Eytchison

Specialist, Marketplace Search Tinuiti

The Most Pressing Amazon Operations Challenges — and How to Address Them

Winning on Amazon today requires a whole lot more than just advertising.

In this session, our ex-Amazonian will walk through the three biggest challenges we see our clients face, and how we’ve worked with them to address them.


Phil Stolt

SVP, Retail Operations Tinuiti

Using Market Share Data to Improve Your Amazon Sales

Understanding your Share of Voice is key to improving your advertising tactics on Amazon as well as on other retailer platforms. In this session, we partnered with commerce media platform Criteo to talk about how to put SOV data to use to enhance your ecommerce strategy.


Dani Nations

Associate, Marketplaces Tinuiti
harman sodhi headshot

Harman Sodhi

Head of Sales, Insights Criteo

Amazon as a Brand-building and Demand Gen Platform

Emerging Trends in Amazon Posts, Stores, Video and Streaming

Amazon has elevated its offerings when it comes to brand building on the marketplace and with it, the opportunity to drive awareness and convert customers.

Join us as we partnered with Amazon sales analytics platform, Jungle Scout, as we discuss the best ways to utilize enhanced tools like A+ Content and video to better serve your brand.

justin mccurdy heaadshot

Justin McCurdy

Marketplaces Team Strategist Tinuiti
eva hart headshot

Eva Hart

Enterprise Ecommerce Expert Jungle Scout

How to Successfully Forecast on Amazon — Even During Year Three of Ecommerce Disruptions

COVID has thrown year-over-year comparisons out the window, caused manufacturing delays, and increased lead times – all of which made Amazon forecasting a bear.

In this session, we partnered with ecommerce operations platform, Skubana, to help you navigate these challenges, both on and off Amazon.

helene pinkerton headshot

Helene Pinkerton

Senior Account Manager, Retail Operations Tinuiti
grace o'hara headshot

Grace O'Hara

Sales Development Representative Skubana

The Time for Execution in Retail Media Is Now

Priorities for 2022

With so much changing so quickly, putting your Retail Media strategy into place in 2022 requires walking an unpredictable tightrope.

In this session, we’ll unpack two key concepts related to the expansion of DSPs using 1P retailer data. We’ll also take a look at how brands can stand out in a retail media environment. (Spoiler – these two concepts are connected!)

elizabeth marsten headshot

Elizabeth Marsten

Senior Director, Marketplace Strategic Services Tinuiti

Walmart’s Omni-Channel Opportunities

Creating an Insights-based Ad Strategy

As the largest retailer in the United States, a strong Walmart strategy that includes advertising tactics designed to convert customers is key.

In this session, we partnered with DataHawk, an ecommerce analytics platform, to discuss new updates coming to Walmart Connect, how to structure your strategy using Share of Voice tools, and the ways to create an insights-based strategy with Walmart Advanced Insights.


Stuart Clay

Associate Director, Marketplace Strategic Services Tinuiti
prateek haralalka headshot

Prateek Haralalka

Head of Customer Success DataHawk

Scaling Growth Across Digital Grocery Marketplaces

A Conversation with Poppi, Prebiotic Soda Company

With the continuation of the pandemic, digital grocery has seen exponential growth. So, how do brands stand out in a crowded market?

In this session, we partnered with our client Poppi, a prebiotic soda brand, to explore what a winning strategy for scaling your digital grocery business looks like, considerations you should utilize across channels, and best practices for internal alignment that can lead to growth.

tanya valle headshot

Tanya Valle

Strategist, Marketplaces Tinuiti
graham goeppert headshot

Graham Goeppert

VP of eCommerce Poppi

Getting Your Products on (and then off) the Shelf

Strategies for Working with Brokers and Creating Winning Advertising

Selling across multiple retailers is critical to scaling your business. But how do you ultimately get your items on—and off—the shelf at major retailers?

In this session, we partnered with KMG Group, a vendor rep firm, to dive into data to look for when working with a new retailer and advertising strategies to put in place to attract consumers on specific retail platforms.


Bridget Marino

Associate Director of Walmart & Emerging Marketplace Search Tinuiti
tj varecka headfshot

TJ Varecka

Head of Sales KMG

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