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The Amazon and Retail Media Summit

Navigating the Commerce Landscape in a Retail Revolution


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2 Days. 8 Sessions.

In the ever-shifting terrain of retail media where consumer preferences evolve quickly, it has become imperative for brands to navigate with precision and foresight. Marketers must not only adapt, but also anticipate the next wave of change.

Understanding how consumers engage across various channels including D2C sites, Amazon media channels, and retail media networks, is crucial in today’s landscape.

Retail Media is not just about selling, it’s also about finding ways to create awareness among your audience and to build brand loyalty that brings customers back.

Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with industry experts and equip your brand with the knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic landscape of Amazon and retail media. Secure your spot now.

What We Covered:


Wednesday, February 7, 2024

Amazon and Retail Media State of the Union: Charting the Course

Join one of Tinuiti’s star thought leaders, Elizabeth Marsten, as she dives into the current state of Amazon and Retail Media. She’ll kick off the Summit with a State of the Union-type set-up before diving deep into the intricacies of Amazon and how it’s defining the entire retail media landscape.

This forward-thinking session will help you stay ahead in the rapidly changing world of retail media and Amazon. Gain valuable insights into the trends, challenges, and groundbreaking developments that unfolded in 2023, and preview what’s to come in 2024.

elizabeth marsten headshot

Elizabeth Marsten

VP, Commerce Tinuiti

How Can I Reach Custom Audience Segments on Amazon?

Are you ready to elevate your advertising strategy? In the past, brands were limited to pre-built audiences on Amazon, but Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC) has changed the game, offering unparalleled flexibility and precision.

Join Tinuiti’s Marketplaces expert, Jonathan Cole, for a deep dive into AMC, which gives brands the freedom to craft personalized audiences, revolutionizing your approach to ad targeting. Gain valuable insights to enhance your messaging, drive higher conversions, and foster business growth. Explore real-life case studies showcasing brands that have harnessed AMC to achieve success.


Jonathan Cole

Strategist, Marketplaces Tinuiti

Why is Omnichannel Measurement the New Gold Standard for Brand Growth?

In the dynamic landscape of modern marketing, understanding the intricate dance between digital media and in-store sales is paramount.

Join Tinuiti’s Commerce Media and Marketplaces experts, alongside the collaborative commerce platform, Crisp. This insightful webinar will dive into the why and how behind omnichannel measurement, the new gold standard for brand growth. Don’t miss the opportunity to uncover data-driven strategies with real-world success stories.


Aaron Gooden

Director, Commerce Media Tinuiti
tanya valle headshot

Tanya Valle

Senior Strategist, Marketplaces Tinuiti
Julienne Biglin headshot

Julienne Biglin

Senior Director, AdTech Partnerships Crisp

Your Map to Navigating the Future of Amazon and Retail Media

Explore the future of ecommerce and retail media in this dynamic panel featuring industry leaders from Tinuiti, and Amazon, along with omnichannel marketing platform, Skai, and the technology and data platform helping brands accelerate ecommerce from all existing touchpoints, SmartCommerce.

Join our experts as they unravel trends, unveil predictions, and provide foresight that positions you at the forefront of industry evolution.

elizabeth marsten headshot

Elizabeth Marsten

VP, Commerce Tinuiti

Joe O’Connor

Senior Director, Strategic Marketplace Services Tinuiti
jeff cohen headshot

Jeff Cohen

Principal Evangelist, Advertising API Amazon

Kevin Weiss

VP of Retail Media Skai
jennifer silverberg headshot

Jennifer Silverberg

CEO SmartCommerce


Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Smart Budgets, Strong Brands: The Game-Changing Guide

Harnessing the potential of retail media is crucial for those who want to thrive in the fast-evolving retail environment. Navigating and capitalizing on the power of retail media can significantly impact a brand’s visibility, sales, and overall success in the marketplace.

Discover practical strategies for maximizing your budget as we dive into profitability and retail operations, effective negotiation tactics for vendor and media commitments, and uncovering hidden value in logistics and media buying. Say goodbye to budget waste and embrace a new era of retail media success.


Megan King

Senior Account Manager – Retail Ops Tinuiti

Ryan Yamamoto

Team Strategist, Marketplaces Tinuiti

How to use Curated Deals to Drive Programmatic Success

Don’t just keep up – get ahead. Join us for an enriching discussion that blends technological insights with real-world applications, propelling your approach to digital marketing into the future.

Join experts from Tinuiti and Microsoft Advertising as they dive into some of the most important topics in the programmatic industry right now. With the help of Microsoft’s technology, Tinuiti can provide quality curation, inventory, and sustainability for your programmatic campaigns. We’ll explain how to apply these key drivers to your campaign success.

jonathan wilhelm headshot

Jonathan Wilhelm

Sr. Manager, Retail Display Tinuiti
tom koch headshot

Tom Koch

Director, Enterprise Sales & Partnerships Microsoft Advertising

What Are the Latest Strategies for Driving Your Bottom Line?

In this session, we explore the dynamic Amazon landscape and the latest strategies that elevate your bottom line amid intensifying competition and rising advertising costs. In a world where Amazon reigns supreme, understanding the intricacies of its evolving algorithm is crucial—what worked yesterday might not work tomorrow.

Join Tinuiti’s marketplace experts along with powerful Amazon seller tool, eComEngine. Together they will shed light on the crucial balance required in your advertising strategy, cautioning against over-advertising pitfalls. They’ll cover AI integration, profitability monitoring, tailored audience, strategic investments, and more.


Jen Acosta

Team Strategist, Marketplaces Tinuiti

Jessica Shapp

Sr. Specialist, Marketplace Search Tinuiti
colleen-quattlebaum _headshot

Colleen Quattlebaum

Director of Marketing eComEngine

Can Amazon be Used as a Brand Builder?

Amazon’s continued dominance of the digital commerce landscape presents an ever-evolving set of both challenges and opportunities for brands.

Join industry leaders from Tinuiti alongside the all-in-one Amazon selling platform, Jungle Scout, data and analytics tool, Daasity, and complete multichannel commerce platform, StoreAutomator, to discover how leading brands are differentiating themselves in a platform traditionally seen as brand agnostic. With brands expanding across multiple retailers, discover the secrets to maintaining brand consistency. Explore strategies to extend your brand messaging seamlessly across all platforms.

jessica derksen headshot

Jessica Derksen

Senior Manager, Marketplace Search Tinuiti

Karie Casper

Strategist, Amazon Search Tinuiti
eva hart headshot

Eva Hart

Enterprise Content Manager & Amazon Growth Expert Jungle Scout
dan leblanc headshot

Dan LeBlanc

CEO & Co-Founder Daasity
Gokhan Erkavun headshot

Gökhan Erkavun

Co-Founder & CEO Store Automator

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