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Data-Driven Influencer Marketing:
Scaling Full-Funnel Growth Beyond Vanity Metrics

What We Covered:

  • Everything you need to know about Influencer marketing, including the shift away from driving follower counts and toward driving conversions
  • Getting more bang for your influencer dollars by integrating Influencer content widely across other digital channels and tactics
  • The analytics you should be looking at to determine if your Influencer campaign is effective (hint: it’s not just about gaining new followers)
  • Four of our big bets on the future of Influencer marketing

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The Influencer Marketing industry is on track to be worth $15 billion by this year 一 and a whopping 88% of consumers have been inspired to purchase based on what they saw from an Influencer.

Influencers are a powerful marketing tool to build trust and authenticity, change perception, expand reach, and ultimately lead to conversions.

But this requires using influencers correctly, and going beyond likes, shares, and follows, and instead of having a performance-driven approach that drives KPIs and sales.

In this webinar, we partnered with influencer marketing and social commerce hub Gen.Video to go beyond vanity metrics and brand awareness and discuss how to drive conversions and overall brand lift with your influencer strategy.

Our Speakers

Crystal Duncan

Senior Vice President, Partnership Marketing Tinuiti

Larry Beaman

Chief Growth Officer Gen.Video

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