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The New Power Couple: Retail Media & Influencer Drive Conversions

What We Covered:

  • How to level up your Influencer Marketing strategy across retail sites through new features and capabilities.
  • Shopper-driven tactics to improve conversion rates.
  • The biggest challenges brands face when incorporating Influencer Marketing to their Retail Media strategy and how to navigate them.
  • What’s new and what’s next for specific retailers, including Walmart and Amazon.

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Relationship Goals: Find out what’s actually possible when Retail Media and Influencer Marketing come together to drive conversions across retailers.

Teaming up with influencers to improve your Retail Media success can include a host of tactics, including driving traffic to retail pages, strategically utilizing content, and leveraging live streaming capabilities. So we get it, knowing where to start can be daunting.

In this webinar, hear from our experts at Tinuiti to get prescriptive advice on successfully leveraging influencer Marketing for your Retail Media business.

Our Speakers


Elizabeth Marsten

Group Director, Marketplaces Tinuiti

Crystal Duncan

Senior Vice President, Partnership Marketing Tinuiti

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