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Expert Roundtable: Video Across Your Marketing Mix

What We Covered:

  • How to overcome the three barriers getting between your brand and a winning multi-platform video strategy – the ability to make the right creative, pay for it, and measure its performance.
  • Channel nuances you need to know to ensure your videos are perfectly tailored to perform in each channel
  • Expert recommendations on creative that catches the audience’s attention – and how to measure its performance
  • The planning and measurement tactics you can deploy to ensure you are creating video that fuels your funnel

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Video Strategy That Performs

Marketers thinking separately about a social, streaming, or programmatic strategy instead need to think about a video strategy, whether it’s TikTok, YouTube, display, or streaming TV.

Why? Because at the end of the day, it’s all video, all day, all the time, always and it’s how your audience prefers to consume their content.

In this roundtable, we brought together our video experts across platforms to weigh in on how to think video-first, how to tailor those videos for each channel, and how to measure all of it to prove that it’s driving your marketing funnel from top to bottom.

Our Speakers

Lize Keefer headshot

Lize Keefer

Associate Director, Paid Social Tinuiti

Brian Binder

Senior Director, Programmatic Tinuiti

Jake King

Senior Art Director, Creative Tinuiti

Alicia Granstein

Vice President of Client Strategy & Analytics Tinuiti

Shasta Cafarelli

Senior Vice President of Media Strategy Tinuiti

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