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Bringing Clarity to Cookieless Chaos

What We Covered:

  • The current and future state of attribution, cookies, and signal loss
  • How to create a strong baseline of measurement for social performance
  • Key measurement opportunities like halo analyses, media mix modeling, and more
  • Real-world applications and success stories from Tinuiti’s brand partners

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The third-party cookie has crumbled—and many marketers are struggling to adapt their measurement as they try to piece together customers’ fragmented digital journeys across social platforms. Luckily, you don’t have to solve the puzzle alone.

In this webinar, Tinuiti’s Paid Social and Analytics teams shared how their integrated approach to navigating signal loss is driving success for brands. We talked about how you can navigate these challenges and give you the playbook you need to stay ahead in this new world.

Our Speakers


Natasha Blumenkron

Senior Director, Paid Social Tinuiti

Manuel Neto

Group VP, Insights & Marketing Science Tinuiti

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