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Walmart DSP & Beyond: Leveraging Offsite Tactics to Fuel Omnichannel Growth


What we covered:

  • The foundational aspects of Walmart DSP you need to know
  • How to be strategic about building your audience on Walmart through DSP
  • Going beyond Walmart DSP to explore additional offsite opportunities
  • What’s on the horizon in Walmart DSP and Retail Media – and what you need to know to prepare

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If you want a leg up on the top retailer in America, you’ll need to start with a highly refined Walmart DSP strategy. From audience building to channel private marketplaces (PMPs), a keen understanding of what levers you can pull – and when to pull them – is critical for success on the platform. Plus, by leveraging PMPs beyond Walmart, you can optimize your efforts and see larger success.

In this webinar, our Retail Media advertising experts talked about everything brands need to know to build their presence and see results on Walmart DSP as well as other retail offsite opportunities.

Our Speakers


Stuart Clay

Associate Director, Marketplace Strategic Services Tinuiti

Raquel Kozlowski

Associate Director, Marketplaces Tinuiti

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