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Diversify and unify your ecommerce strategy with Tinuiti’s unique approach to Target

Retail Media. Better Together With Target.

Target crashed onto the Top 10 ecommerce retailer list in 2020 and hasn’t looked back since. A beloved brand with an army of loyal followers they refer to as guests, Target is extremely well-positioned on the new privacy-first web with formidable targeting options including onsite, a curated offsite private marketplace, social media, and Google Shopping.

Tinuiti started working with Target back in 2019, and also has a long history of adopting and growing clients on marketplace channels with some of the industry’s most comprehensive programs across Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and Kroger. With a proven playbook, we know what works and what doesn’t on Retail Media.
The Tinuiti Difference

Deep Knowledge of Retail Media on Target and Beyond

Get the Edge with Proprietary Tech

With our AI-enabled ecommerce activation toolset, MobiusX, your brand’s marketplace strategy will be unified and diversified across all the leading retail platforms.

Comprehensive Retail Media Expertise

Tinuiti’s has a long history of growing clients on marketplace channels across Amazon, Walmart, Instacart, and Kroger. We know what works and doesn’t work.

“Better Together” Approach

A brand’s marketing is always more powerful when it’s unified. Tinuiti can ensure your advertising is diversified and unified across the ecommerce landscape.

Target Product Ads

Increase visibility and discoverability

Target offers several ways to support brands looking for additional exposure across, Target properties, social and Google—one great way to get started is Target Product Ads, a native, cost-per-click ad served on and the Target App that drive sales through increased visibility and discoverability.

First-Party Data Solutions with Roundel

Target’s first-party data is best-in-class. Working with Roundel, Target’s  media company, allows us to fully leverage this data by booking media at the right times in the right places. The variety of targeting options using Target’s first-party data is also formidable: onsite, offsite (via private marketplace), social sites such as Pinterest and Facebook, and Google Shopping.

Proud Partner of Criteo’s API Network

Because Tinuiti is a select member of Criteo’s API partner network, our clients are empowered to select their retailer of choice to reach shoppers and activate across multiple networks, including Target.
Criteo Partner Badge

Our secret weapon can be your secret weapon

We built our own AI-enabled ecommerce activation tool, MobiusX, to drive sales across the Triopoly of Amazon, Google, and Facebook. And now, we’ve evolved MobiusX to work directly with Target to give you scale, visibility, and efficiency across campaigns for maximum profitability.

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