New Amazon Portfolio Feature For Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands

By Tinuiti Team

Amazon Portfolio is a new feature designated to help advertisers manage & track their spend in Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands.

According to Amazon:

Campaign portfolios offer a new way to create custom groupings of your Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns. With campaign portfolios, you can choose to mirror the structure of your business and organize campaigns by brand, category, season, or any way you choose.

The new feature [introduced in December 2018] is rolling out to Sponsored Products & Sponsored Brands accounts gradually. If you do not see “Portfolio” as an option in your account just yet – keep an eye out.

What is Amazon Portfolio?

According to Amazon, advertisers can now manage the total spend of multiple campaigns within a specific date range.


Credit: Amazon


When the portfolio budget or end date is met, the associated campaigns are paused and the advertiser is notified to increase the budget or extend the end date to resume the campaigns.

“Portfolios are essentially ‘shared budget’ labels so multiple campaigns can draw from the same designated budget amount over a specified duration”.

– David Weichel, VP, Product Development at CPC Strategy




Here’s a list of Portfolio capabilities [from Amazon]:


1. Group and organize campaigns into portfolios

2. Set portfolio level budget caps

3. Evaluate your performance across campaigns

4. New billing statements

5. Manage multiple Stores from one account

6. Access accounts from a single login [max 200 accounts]


Is Amazon Portfolio Useful to Advertisers?

Although this feature is fairly new, here’s some early feedback from our team:

“I’ve found Amazon Portfolio useful when clients have budgets by brand and/ or product line. I just implement the budget cap feature to ensure we are not spending over their max for the month.”

– Jeff Banks, Marketplace Channel Analyst at CPC Strategy




“Essentially we have tiers of products that we want to spend certain amounts of budget on. Each tier is placed in a separate portfolio. Amazon Portfolio is also useful for sellers with a hard budget cap. Just put all campaigns in a single portfolio with your daily budget.”

– Stuart Dooley, at CPC Strategy



How to set up an Amazon Portfolio:




Amazon Portfolio: Frequently asked questions [Answers from Amazon]


Q1: What is the best practice for setting portfolio-level and campaign-level budgets?

We encourage advertisers to set high campaign-level budgets and set their target budget at the portfolio-level. By doing this, it allows the best performing campaigns to run unimpeded while still staying within the top-level portfolio budget that you set.

Q2: What happens if my portfolio-level budget is less than the sum of my campaign-level budgets?

Your portfolio-level budget will override your campaign level budgets when your portfolio level budget is met. In this example, when your portfolio level budget is met your campaigns will be paused automatically even if the individual campaigns budgets have not been met.

Q3. If my portfolio-level budget is greater than the sum of my campaign-level budget, will Amazon activate my campaigns to spend that additional budget?

If the sum of your campaign level budgets is less than your portfolio level budget you will need to increase your campaign budgets to match your portfolio level budget. We suggest setting high campaign-level budgets as a best practice (refer to Q1)

Q4. If I just want an account level budget, how can I accomplish this with portfolios?

If your goal is to create a single budget for all your campaigns, you can create a single portfolio, add all of your campaigns and then set one budget that will apply to all your campaigns.

Q5. Will my budget be divided equally when I set portfolio start and end dates?

The portfolio budget cap is a ceiling that automatically keeps the total spend of campaigns connected to the portfolio below the amount you set. But, the portfolio budget cap does not pace advertising spend over any period of time. As an example, a single campaign can exhaust an entire portfolio budget.

For more information on Amazon Portfolio, email [email protected]

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