The Amazon Ecosystem for Vendors, Explained | 2018 Edition

By Tinuiti Team

There was once a time when vendors had limited control over what happened to their products once they sold them to Amazon.

Those days are over.

It’s time to take ownership of the way your brand is presented and advertised on the platform, and it could make a significant difference in your orders and sales.

One disclaimer before we start—we won’t promise results from a particular ad or service investment, because everything you do on Amazon is
interconnected—from Vine reviews to AMS ads.

We call this the “Amazon Flywheel”; where everything you do across the Amazon Marketplace has an impact on your other investments.


For Example: You can’t expect to scale your ROI with advertising (Paid Media) if your product detail page isn’t optimized for conversion (Owned Media), which in turn will affect your organic search ranking and product purchases if you’re not converting customers (Earned Media) – Everything on Amazon is interconnected.

NEW: The 2018 Amazon Ecosystem for Vendors

The Amazon ecosystem for ads & premium services can be pretty confusing.

Not only are pre-existing offers such as Sponsored Products ads always morphing, new options are added every day—from Enhanced Creative Content, the new Amazon Stores to the Vine program.

In our recent guide we provide an update of the latest promotional options for vendors so you can take full advantage of the ones that matter to your business.

What’s Inside the Guide:

  • Dissecting the Amazon Marketplace advertising flywheel
  • How to leverage Amazon customer data to drive your AMG strategy
  • What’s the deal with Amazon Stores & how to drive traffic to them
  • How enhanced marketing content contributes to your bottom line
  • How vendors can get reviews without violating Amazon policies

For more information on Amazon’s Premium Vendor offerings, email [email protected]

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