Tinuiti at Groceryshop: Hot Takes from a Day of Retail Media Conversations

By Tinuiti Team

Grocery Shop 2022, an annual conference that covers the evolution of grocery retailers, was bigger and better than ever this year. Over 4,000 leaders in the retail media industry, including partners and vendors, took over Mandela Bay in Las Vegas for four days of educational sessions, workshops, and networking events. The brightest minds in the CPG space came together to chat about the future of grocery, top tech advancements, and new solutions to reach consumers in the ecommerce space. 

Attendees heard from some of the heaviest hitters in retail including DoorDash, Instacart, Walmart, GoPuff, Unilever, Sam’s Club, Whole Foods Market, Chobani, General Mills, P&G, and more. Additionally, the event hosted a variety of sponsors and exhibitors, and Tinuiti was proud to be on the ground at Groceryshop 2022 to take 25+ meetings with innovative brands in the retail space as well as to partner with Instacart for a co-hosted Topgolf event. 

While Groceryshop was filled with fun and excitement, our Tinuiti team left Las Vegas with invaluable insights from brands as well as confirmation of the industry’s direction…

“What was really great to see is that many of the same things we are working on at Tinuiti were reflected in a lot of the sessions we saw at Groceryshop 2022. Whether that’s Walmart’s display self-service, Instacart’s latest and greatest shoppable video ads, or clean room solutions like Amazon Marketing Cloud.”

– Elizabeth Marsten, Group Director, Marketplace Strategic Services at Tinuiti


What else did Tinuiti learn from Groceryshop 2022? Let’s hear a few hot takes from our team.


Hot Takes + Insights from Groceryshop 2022




Brands Are Being Transparent About Their Tech Stacks


“Brands came in and showed off their tech stacks… for better or for worse. It really helps to paint the picture of how complicated and incomplete some of the solutions are today. That’s just where we are as far as the market goes and we don’t even know really what a reasonable end picture solution should look like in some cases. I really appreciated how some of those brands showed how, in some cases, it takes 20 vendors to put together as a complete enough of a picture in retail media as they can.”


– Elizabeth Marsten, Group Director, Marketplace Strategic Services at Tinuiti


Even Retail’s Biggest Players are Finding New Ways to Drive Growth


“For me personally, it was exciting to hear from the CEOs of DoorDash, Walmart, and Instacart. Specifically hearing the CEO of DoorDash diving into their growth moving forward and how DoubleDash is going to present them with a great opportunity to incorporate larger grocery chains and really increase that add-to-cart opportunity with consumers. With the Instacart CEO, I loved the opportunity to hear how they plan to broaden their reach with consumers and increase different ways for consumers to use the Instacart platform.”


– Robbie Leiter, Associate Director, Business Development at Tinuiti


Challenging Retailers to Keep Pace is Critical


“We need to keep challenging retailers to keep pace and provide those organic user experiences, not only on behalf of the brand, but enhance in search so we don’t just have to use sponsored products as a bridge to fill that organic gap. We also will see a lot more self-service DSPs or PMPs. The ones launched in 2022, in my opinion, are a bit underutilized today but as we get more sophisticated in our audience selection and segmentation we should start to see brands starting to compare the strength and effectiveness of these different 1P audiences that the retailers are offering and be able to utilize that in their 2024 budget planning.”


– Elizabeth Marsten, Group Director, Marketplace Strategic Services at Tinuiti


Enter: Amazon Marketing Cloud


“When looking at our team here at Tinuiti, and what we’ve been working on, the utilization of Amazon Marketing Cloud is really something that comes to mind. Having an opportunity to incorporate a number of different ways of how we can really connect that consumer data and connect those dots through the Amazon experience is something I’m fascinated to see and I know the team is chomping at the bit to dive into further.”


– Robbie Leiter, Associate Director, Business Development at Tinuiti


Customization and Personalization Remains Top of Mind


“Customization and personalization for consumers across each of these platforms is going to be a really key ingredient moving forward in creating an experience that speaks individually to each person. This includes their overall user experience, what they’ve purchased before, and what they are looking to get in the future.”


– Robbie Leiter, Associate Director, Business Development at Tinuiti


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