What is Gopuff Advertising?

By Tinuiti Team

Gopuff is the newest e-commerce company to join companies like Target, Groupon, and Petco to leverage CitrusAd’s retail media technology. Since their partnership, Business Insider has reported that Gopuff is slowly building a $1 billion advertising empire, competing against giants like Instacart.  

Let’s take a look at what Gopuff advertising could do for your company. 

What is Gopuff?

Founded in 2013, Philadelphia-based Gopuff is a food-delivery service startup. The company delivers food and drinks, cleaning supplies, home needs, OTC medication and more in just minutes. They believe delivery should be easy and accessible for everyone. 

Gopuff works in established cities with micro-fulfillment locations, and brings the products directly from their distribution houses to your door. In doing so, they are able to charge a flat delivery fee of $1.95, and are open almost 24/7. 



“The CitrusAd integration makes it easy for brands to run in-app media placements of sponsored products or search ads to target and convert high-intent customers as they shop on Gopuff” – BusinessWire


What is Gopuff Advertising? 

Gopuff advertising allows brands and advertisers to promote their products on the Gopuff app, with a fully-comprehensive advertising offering. Performance tracking – like budgeting, reporting, and even ad creation – is directly available through the platform. 

Prominently displayed sponsored products are shoppable by all users of the Gopuff app. Products are shown in category pages or search results, just like all products. As featured products are purchased, Gopuff promises to deliver products within thirty minutes after buyers engage with an ad.


What are the Gopuff Ad Types?

As Gopuff advertising uses sponsored product ads, there are a variety of ad types to use on the platform. Ads take two forms on Gopuff: Sponsored Product Ads, and Sponsored Search Ads. A combination of these two Gopuff ad types is sure to make your product stand out! Let’s take a look at these different ad types below. 

Sponsored Product Ads

With Sponsored Product Ads, featured products appear on relevant pages for target customers, in the endcap, carousel, or shelf. These Gopuff ad types are great for suggesting relevant products to your buyers, or even converting customers from other brands. 

Sponsored Search Ads

With Sponsored Search Ads on Gopuff, you can stay ahead of the competition by leveraging keywords and appearing first in search results. These Gopuff ads can help an uncertain buyer make a decision, and allow you capitalize on buyer intent to get your message across. 

How much does it cost to advertise on Gopuff?

Synced with CitrusAd, Gopuff advertising costs as much or as little as you want to spend. Advertising on the platform has three different options: daily spend, total spend, and always on. Moreover, the advertising platform is auction-based, meaning your products will only be shown to users if your relevancy and bid is high enough. 

Funds are stored in a wallet, which allows advertisers more room to experiment and refine their strategy. As a Gopuff advertising user, you’re assigned a wallet by default in USD, with the ability to top-up credits toward advertising as you need it. 

For example, if you’re marketing three different products with three different Gopuff advertising budgets, you can create a wallet for each product or even each campaign. Doing so allows you to keep your data separate, and makes it easier to understand your ROI. 

There are also notifications which will alert you if your ad balance is low, your ad was rejected, or if your ad has reached its maximum daily spend. 

Best Gopuff ad examples

The ads that perform best on Gopuff possess the following qualities: clear copy, crisp product images, and a well-researched bid strategy that rivals your competition. As the ads don’t feature more than just the product and some descriptive copy, the best ad is a strong strategy.

Credit: Gopuff Ads

When deciding how to use your budget, consider partnering with a trusted vendor that can handle all aspects of your strategy: ideation, creation, integration, and reporting. 

Why now is the time to invest [Experts Chime In]

According to Elizabeth Marsten, Senior Director, Marketplace Services, Tinuiti when you reach customers on an app like Instacart, Shipt, or Gopuff –  those shoppers are already in the consideration bucket when your ad is first seen.

Advertising on these platforms, is a great way to integrate lower-funnel advertising initiatives into your plan to reach customers that are ready to make a purchase on these apps.

“They had to go to—very consciously, or open the app [Gopuff or Shipt]—the geography had to be selected, a store has to be selected, and then the user begins their journey. They’re not just browsing at this point; some decisions have been made, some plans are happening. We’re either out of ice and beer, or we need the groceries for next week, or we can’t get to Costco. What we have to do for the future is take a look at those connections, and understand how we’re going to account for them, because those are very valuable partners.”

— Elizabeth Marsten, Senior Director, Marketplace Services, Tinuiti



For a comprehensive overview of the incredible growth retail media [including platforms like Instacart and Gopuff] has experienced over the past two years, check out Marsten’s recent presentation “The Future of Retail Media” at Tinuiti Live Commerce.

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