Instacart Acceleration Program

The next biggest online marketplace is right down the block.

Dramatically expand your customer base with Instacart ads

What was once a startup is now the undisputed leader in online grocery delivery in North America. Consumer habits changed drastically in 2020. It’s been a good year for groceries and a great year for Instacart. 

The same day delivery and pickup service blew by some of the biggest players in the game and is now the third-ranked destination for online grocery orders. That puts it right in line behind big retailers Walmart and Amazon.

That’s where we come in. As the marketing agency with the most comprehensive Amazon and Walmart marketing services, Tinuiti is perfectly positioned to help brands scale up on Instacart. Our comprehensive Instacart Acceleration Program powered by our proprietary AI-enabled eCommerce activation tool, MobiusX — offers full-service tactical and strategic management.

Service a la Cart

Instacart’s business model offers brands unmatched reach and a competitive edge. And Tinuiti comes armed with the know-how and the tech to accelerate your sales on the platform. Our unique-to-Instacart approach is all about service-first. The Tinuiti Instacart team is staffed by experts with deep marketplace experience. Choose from three flexible Tinuiti partnership models: Flexible Commitment, Blended Partnership, or Long-Term.

Our secret weapon can be your secret weapon

We built our own AI-enabled eCommerce activation tool, MobiusX, to drive eCommerce sales across all the online marketplaces that matter. Today, it’s one of the longest-standing and most sophisticated platforms on the market. And now, we’ve evolved MobiusX by working directly with Instacart with API support. That means we’re on top of what’s next and privy to new features/betas that can give your business the edge.

How does it work? MobiusX identifies incremental budget expansion opportunities across marketplaces by analyzing historical bids, budget, and keyword trends and unearthing areas for growth at the product line level.

Beyond groceries. Way beyond.

Instacart isn’t just about pantry staples. Sephora, Staples, 7-Eleven, and Bed, Bath & Beyond are now retail partners. An Instacart advertising strategy is imperative for brands already being sold in stores served by Instacart. From groceries and alcohol to home essentials and more, Instacart has become the go-to for people who want to shop local. And with an average of 20 product searches per order, Tinuiti’s campaign management ensures your products end up right where they need to be.

Ready, Set, Click.

Make your presence known to consumers directly at the point of sale—all 40,000 of them. (That’s the number of brick and mortar stores across the US and Canada with Instacart.)

Shoppers are logged on, local, qualified, and ready to buy. Under our data-driven budgeting, bid and keyword management, we can help you get them adding your products to their baskets.

Ready to get rolling on Instacart?

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