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Using Dynamic Creative to Cut Through the Noise

By Tinuiti Team

Imagine if your digital marketing team was able to customize banner advertisements in real-time so that every digital advertisement was tailored to the user’s location, interests and search history. Is such a solution available? Yes it is, and it’s called dynamic creative. As the name suggests, these dynamic advertisements are always changing, and they’re driven by factors like the user’s individual preferences, geographic location, and their search history.

Customer engagement is the buzzword of choice nowadays for marketing efforts. Companies are doing everything they can to engage with customers more effectively. It results in improved brand retention. Content marketing teams are always trying to up the ante in a never-ending pursuit of keeping customers coming back for more. It’s the same for digital advertising. Dynamic creative advertisements are just another form of personalization that your digital marketing team should consider.

To better understand how these ad units works, let me give you an example. Let’s say it’s vacation time, and you’re searching for the best possible travel deals. As you explore the web for that perfect sunny destination, you notice that each new banner advertisement adjusts to your previous searches. The ad software is tracking your searches and the content you’re looking at, and it is adjusting the advertisements you see in real-time. So, you may see banners for swimsuits, travel pillows, hotels, or tour information.

Benefits of Dynamic Creative Advertisements

There are several benefits related to dynamic creative advertisements. First, they add an additional layer of personalization that more effectively draws customers in. Personalization isn’t a “nice-to-have”; a personalized approach is a prerequisite to reaching today’s audience.

Second, dynamic creative digital advertisements cut through all the online “noise”. Today’s users are inundated with constant advertisements, and it’s not uncommon for them to tune advertisements out. However, a personalized advertisement is not only more eye-catching, but it’s also less likely to be ignored.

Third, there are higher engagement rates with dynamic creative digital advertisements. Dynamic creative digital advertisements have higher click-through-rates (CTR), and a higher CTR means more traffic. Viewers are more likely to click on a banner that is relevant to them. Say for example, they had added a tshirt to their cart in your online store. But they didn’t complete the purchase. You can retarget that user with an image of that shirt, to remind them of their incomplete purchase.

Finally, personalized banners that change in real-time prevent ad fatigue. If an ad is constantly changing, viewers are much less likely to tire of seeing it. This leads to stronger brand recognition and retention.

Take advantage of dynamic creative advertisements and banners. Think of them as the first step in a personalized journey that improves customer engagement. You’ll see more traffic and improved brand loyalty.

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