CS-Cart Review

By Tinuiti Team

CS-Cart Shopping Cart Review

cs-cart-review-logoIf you’re interested in creating or transferring your online store, this unbiased CS-Cart review will help you learn the fundamentals as well as your fit with the shopping cart software.

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CS-Cart Review: What Kind of Merchant Should Use the CS-Cart Shopping Cart?

First things first, CS-Cart is an open source ecommerce shopping cart solution currently used by over 30,000 stores. Created by ex- X-Cart employees, CS-Cart offers a complete solution for the modern retailer and has gained a lot of buzz and popularity in the last couple of years. For a retailer, open source software means a couple things:

A) unlimited SKU capacity and customization potential and

B) you’ll need a developer (preferably in-house).

CS-Cart (version 4) offers 3 different products: [ws_table id=”46″]

The nice thing about CS-Cart’s product offerings is that a retailer can simply download the free Ultimate version to get a feel for the platform interface and decide later on if he/she wants to upgrade for more store functionality. Additionally, many (smaller) retailers may find that the free version will suffice for their ecommerce needs. This review will focus on the $395 Ultimate plan. Check out all 3 of CS-Cart’s versions compared.

Ideal for: Any size retailer with web development resources.


CS-Cart Review: Good CS-Cart Features [ws_table id=”47″]

CS-Cart Review: Bad CS-Cart Features [ws_table id=”48″]

You can view all of CS-Cart’s features here.

CS-Cart Review: Exporting Your Product Data Feed from CS-Cart to Google Shopping

If you’d like to integrate your CS-Cart store with Google Shopping, you can refer to these resources. CS-Cart provides a very brief list of instructions on exporting product feeds to the Google Merchant Center, and a CS-Cart user has created a video tutorial in the CS-Cart forum on how to create a data feed for Google Shopping.

Notable CS-Cart Websites/Examples

Greenhouse (Apparel)

Chic Cham (Furniture)

Buy Happier (Home & Garden)

CS-Cart Review: Bottom Line

CS-Cart sets the sky as the limit in terms of customization of design and functionality. With tons of features and a very user-friendly design process, the open source platform seems to just fall short in the customer support sector. If you’re a small retailer with limited technical resources, this is a HUGE red flag, but medium to large retailers with more in-house web development expertise will not experience as much duress.

At the end of the day, consider CS-Cart as an up-and-coming open source solution that provides a modern, well built-out shopping cart experience.

CS-Cart Ecommerce Platform Comparison Grade: B+

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*Note: Grades are subjectively based on analysis and comparison to other ecommerce platforms, based on availability, significance, and functionality of the platform feature and overall value.

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