I hope everyone’s Holiday Season was warm, loving, and most importantly, lucrative.  As we begin 2013, we’re excited to get going and share with you include a couple of things I know you’ll be intrigued to read about.  These consist of a CSE Holiday Shopping Season Guide (since it’s never too early to start preparing for the holidays), a How to Export Data Feeds series from a a variety of ecommerce platforms, and The Comparison Shopping Guide for Online Merchants (coming soon!).  So sit back, relax, enjoy your coffee, and digest the first wave of many ecommerce news and events of 2013.

From Around the Web:

Most Marketers Aren’t Personalizing Emails: This article reveals a truly fatal flaw in marketing, where many fail to use the abundance of information they have available to them in order to create a stronger connection with the audience. [Internet Retailer]

10 Reasons Why Public Relations is a Must Do for SEO in 2013: A great new perspective on how you should focus your marketing and networking efforts, specifically by optimizing your SEO with PR. [SearchEngineWatch]

3 Amazingly Simple Ways to Use Video for Link Building: Are you in to video marketing?  Great launching point here. [SearchEngineWatch]

5 Trends Shaping SEO Content Marketing in 2013: Content Marketing is becoming a more palatable and substance-rich field in 2013.  The cries of “death to # tips on how to do X like Y” have finally been heard! [SearchEngineWatch]

How Social Networks Can Encourage Sales:  Recent findings indicate that including those social network share buttons at your store’s checkout may positively affect your revenues. [Internet Retailer]

The Sons of Anarchy App Makes Its Own Mobile Commerce Rules: Interesting article that features the first app to simultaneously play a show while doubling as a store for merchandise featured in the program.  This original idea sounds a lot like Cinsay‘s capabilities. [Internet Retailer]

Last-minute Christmas Shoppers Turn to Amazon: It may be a good idea to pay close, special attention to this channel not just for next Holiday Season, but also the few weeks after. [Internet Retailer]

E-retailers Experienced a Mixed Holiday Bag: With a record year in online sales this Holiday Season came the downside of increased price competition.  See how some retailers got creative with their promotions and sales these past couple months. [Internet Retailer]

From the CPC Strategy Blog:

CPC Strategy’s Best of 2012:  Check out our year in review and the cream of the crop from our blog in 2012.

Lessons We Can Learn From Zappos Part 2: Find out how the retailer’s early transformative years molded them into the ultra-successful company they are today.

Video: Think Inside The Box to Get More S#*T Done: Great video on how to think about things in business and even personal life in a more purposeful and organized way.


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