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By Tinuiti Team

This week Google announced Google Helpouts, a live video service designed to allow people to ask questions and get interactive video answers from business owners.

Google Helpouts: How Does it Work?

Google Helpouts

A Youtube meets Skype tutorial service, Google Helpouts are integrated with Google Wallet, Google+ and have social sharing options for reviews.

“Helpouts is an easy and convenient way to get help over live video. No matter who you are, where you are, or what time it is, you can talk to someone who can help you.”- Google

The program is linked with your Google+ profile, and allows users to search for assistance within categories such as Education, Health or Home & Garden. Google+ users can access both free or paid Helpouts depending in on the Helpout provider with payments managed through Google wallet.

Google  helpouts

Google Helpouts is powered by Google’s Hangouts video chat platform, and uses the same Google Vp8 technology codec.

Here is Google’s Helpouts Introduction video:

Google Helpouts: How Can I Give Helpouts?

Helpout providers or people offering helpouts can be individuals, as well as different size compains. For businesses and experts looking to give their own helpouts,  get started with an invitation code from Google.

give your own Google HelpoutsOf the initial 1,000 helpout providers, some of the initial brands participating are Sephora, One Medical, Weight Watchers and Rosetta Stone.

Google Helpout For Business Owners

For business owners and B2B service providers, Google Helpouts are a great opportunity to break the degree of seperation generally associated with the internet to provide genuine utility for web browsers.

Business owners can choose to offer free Helpouts or charge for Google Helpouts by the minute, or per an entire session.

Google Helpouts create a great opportunity for merchants to expand marketing strategies and engage with potential customers.

Google Helpout For Web Users

For online users, Google Helpouts is a step above Youtube (also Google owned), and would add utility for questions which Youtube or general Google search might not answer. To use Google Helpouts you will need a Google+ and potentially a Google Wallet account.

Users can also access Google Helpouts using an andriod app.

The Future of Google Helpout

One of the most widely discussed implications of Google Helpout is its medical offering. Google Helpout is HIPAA compliatnt, and works with medical providers. Future medical, vetrinary, and dietary Helpouts have significant implications for the healthcare industry and HMOs.

Would you pay for a Google Helpout?

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