Haul Videos blew 2013 away, and are poised to continue to impact online shoppers and videos for the 2014 holiday. This year on Youtube viewers have watched over 5.6 million hours of haul videos. 

Haul Videos, which have been featured by web bloggers since 2010, feature vloggers logging their purchases on Youtube. Typically Haul videos feature Vloggers showing their ‘haul’ to viewers via video. A typical Haul Video generally highlights:

  • Sales or deals
  • Specific products purchased
  • Seasonal trends
  • Brands, and Stores both on and offline

Are you setting your store up to get featured in a haul video? 

8 Staggering Haul Video Facts

  • 400,000 Haul videos were uploaded in 2013
  • Youtube has 12,700,000 video results for the search ‘haul’
  • Users uploaded 6,000 haul videos last year during the Thanksgiving weekend (between Nov. 28th and Dec 1)
  • Youtube’s Haul Channel has over 15,450 videos
  • Youtube’s Haul Channel has over 15,450 subscribers
  • Youtube videos with “haul” in the title have more than 1.1 billion views 
  • By late 2010, nearly a quarter of a million haul videos had been shared on the website YouTube alone. 
  • Many Haul videos have more than 10 million views (Sources: YoutubeRacked, Buzzfeed)

Haul videos are a big part of Youtube, and a neglected lever for retailers.”We have some haul videos that compare to major cable channels in views,” says Shishir Mehrotra, director of Product Management at YouTube. –ABCNews

Last year this Black Friday video got 2,708,293 views, from vlogger Bethany Mota who has over 7,425,189 subscribers:

For the 2014 Holiday, Haul videos are poised to be a underutilized but significant traffic driver for impressions.

Here is an analysis of Haul video traffic online from Google (owns Youtube):


How to Get Featured on a Haul Video

Youtube’s  has over 15,450 Haul channels, with  featured Haul vloggers featuring products in front of audiences 494K strong. 

Haul videos are a significant source of traffic for online views, and appeal to a very niche audience, which is perfect for Brick & Mortar and Online Retailers in verticals like cosmetics, and Bath & Body. Regardless of your niche, Youtube Haul channels are a underutilized, and free way to get more exposure this Holiday with minimal effort.

Here are some easy ways to leverage Haul video traffic to build up your brand for the holiday and increase sales for your store.

1. Connect with Vloggers

There are a glut of Vloggers on Youtube who feature Haul videos, many with product and brand specific channels. Youtube groups videos and channels, featuring popular Haul videos right on its Haul video page. Research what type of Haul videos exist and tailor your sales, products and messaging to resonate with these video producers.

This fall, JC Penny worked with 6 Haul Vloggers to highlight its sales for Back To School, alongside other brands like American Eagle and Forever 21.

2. Feature Haul Worthy Sales

Most Haul videos on Youtube note sales, many of which revolve around Holiday’s or big events such as Black Friday and Graduation.

3. Encourage Haul videos with a promotion

Last year, Target ran advertisements with dogs doing Haul videos, which was both a nod to the trend, and a clever way to appeal to that audience with relevant sales. Here’s one of Target’s Haul videos which has have over 176,561 views and has more than 480 likes:

Just as you would with any promotion or channel, get clever with your outreach and sales to encourage participation and expectation.

 How many sales will your store haul with haul videos this year?



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