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Email Marketing In The 'New Normal' of Coronavirus

By Tinuiti Team

As the impact of the Coronavirus continues to reverberate across the globe, brands are required to shift their marketing efforts in the face of this new normal.

As digital marketers, we have the privilege of being able to pivot and be nimble to changing landscapes, but it’s important to settle in and create a new sense of normalcy not only for yourself and your teams but also for your customers. 

Because email marketing is one of the lowest cost, highest ROI digital channels, you’re likely leaning heavily on your email program to keep lines of communication open with your existing customers.

We shared tips to help you address the crisis early on, but with the economy partially shut down for the foreseeable future, it’s important to establish a new normal for the tone and timing in which you’re communicating with customers and prospects.


Be Mindful of Your Language


Sometimes it’s what you say, but more often it’s how you say it. Words we marketers would typically use without question can be perceived differently now. We need to evolve the language we’re using to be sensitive to the current climate.

cleancult coronavirus email marketing campaign
Source: Cleancult






Consider Your Content


What type of content makes sense right now? How will you get your subscribers to continue to engage, and hopefully purchase your products?

COVID updates are important, but they shouldn’t be the only thing your brand is talking about for the next several weeks. 










Re-evaluate Timing


For the majority of people, there’s no more morning commute, there are no more appointments, and the work-from-home climate is changing how and when people are shopping online. Schedules have been flipped upside down, so think about how this will impact email timing:

chili coronavirus email example
Source: Chili



Be Transparent & Communicate


Many of us have had to notify customers of shipping delays or out of stock products after a big sale (flashbacks to Black Friday / Cyber Monday anyone?).

Right now, this is to be expected, so notify your subscribers upfront of any anticipated issues so they can plan for it.




Don’t Forget About the People Behind the Emails


While we’re all taking the necessary precautions to stay healthy and slow the spread of the coronavirus, everyone is at risk.

It’s important to have a back-up plan for coverage if the person or people running your email program become directly affected. Be sure you’re planning in advance so your team can be ready to jump in and cover in order to keep the lines of communication with your customers open:




Email & Coronavirus: Final Takeaway


The way in which a company operates in this time of uncertainty will directly impact their ability to retain their customers in the future.  Brands that are mindful and empathetic of this current state will fare far better in the long term. 

This way of life is temporary, but it will have a lasting effect on all of us and it’s going to take some time to get back to how things were ‘in the good ‘ol days’.

In the meantime, stay safe and healthy, and visit the Tinuiti COVID-19 Resource Hub and Marketing During Coronavirus: Your Top Questions Answered for more expert tips to navigate this crisis across digital channels.


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