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The Latest Marketing News for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

Insightful Webinars During the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Crisis

WEBINAR: COVID-19 Series: Second Live Q&A for Brands & Digital Marketers

WEBINAR: COVID-19 Series: First Live Q&A for Brands & Digital Marketers

WEBINAR: COVID-19 Series: From Reaction to Rebound

Our Commitment During the Coronavirus Crisis

With the rapidly-evolving coronavirus crisis, we remain dedicated partners to our clients and act as their invaluable ally during these trying times. To best serve our clients, we’re focused on ensuring that our employees are happy, healthy and have the resources they need to succeed. 

As new challenges surrounding COVID-19 continue to unfold, we’re committed to keeping our clients and audience up to date with the latest developments.

We’ll be sharing insights and content to help you improve your marketing strategy through these unprecedented times. 

“We’re committed to keeping our clients and audience up to date with the latest developments.”

—Craig Atkinson, Chief Client Officer at Tinuiti

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Up-to-the Minute Updates on COVID-19

3/31/2020 Update

The daily life of consumers has been greatly altered due to shelter-in-place ordinances. In times of uncertainty, Tinuiti continues to turn to our data to help guide our strategic decisions. Here are a few trends we identified this week:

  • Engagement on social channels is up. Tinuiti’s new Device Analysis revealed that engagement on social channels is up. Although conversion rates are down, we recommend conducting CRO tests to ensure you’re optimizing for conversions. 
  • More searches on desktop & tablets. Largely due to the growing number of people working from home – we’ve identified a rise in desktop and tablet use for search. Our recommendation is to be mindful of where your audiences are and shift advertising budgets/strategies accordingly.
  • Good news for Amazon Sellers Amazon is expanding inventory for prioritized products. However, this doesn’t mean you take a “one-size-fits-all” approach to your catalog. If you’re selling products on Amazon, we recommend you tailor your Amazon Strategy to a product-specific approach and prepare shipments now.
  • Yes, customers still want to hear from brands –  Last Friday, we hosted our first COVID-19 Live Q&A session—with over 450 clients and marketers in attendance (catch on-demand here). What we do know (based on our data and the event discussion) is that now is the time to let your authentic brand voice shine. Customers still want to hear from you during COVID-19. Check out our Q&A blog post for more information.

3/24/2020 Update

As new questions and challenges arise with the ever-evolving COVID-19 pandemic, our account teams are actively navigating this unprecedented situation with our clients, partners and employees. 

At this time, we believe the best way to mitigate downside and find opportunity in this incredibly dynamic marketplace is by harnessing data for insight and then rapidly testing and learning to ride the wave of change. As of recent, Tinuiti’s Analytics and Insights team has spent the last 48 hours digging into our aggregated client data in partnership with our partners across the triopoly in order to surface trends and learnings to share with our readers. Here’s what we’ve found:

  • We see a clear correlation between major COVID announcements and a significant drop in conversion rates across verticals (even though impressions remain flat). By working directly with businesses to customize their messaging and offers, we are discovering new ways to combat this reduction in conversion.


  • We are also seeing significant volatility in client spend by category and against audiences and contexts across every part of the triopoly, leading to opportunity for pricing we’ve not seen in some time. We recommend businesses consider additional audiences and contexts that they’ve historically not tried.


  • Lastly, we’ve seen a shift in focus from new customer acquisition to retention as everyone retrenches and adjusts. Absolutely rebalance as appropriate, but don’t let the pendulum swing too far and leave you unprepared for opportunity as audiences adjust to the new normal. 

Tinuiti will continue to update the COVID-19 HUB as more information becomes available.

3/20/2020 - Our Commitment to our Clients, Partners, and People

To Our Clients

To our clients: we’re here for you. Together, we’ll continue to partner and navigate these unprecedented times. We’re closely monitoring spending in key categories and verticals across the triopoly. We’re leveraging our vast expertise to provide recommendations to you on how to best address the current environment. During this time, we’re partnering extra closely with all of our clients. We’re utilizing trends and data to help you accurately forecast for potential impact and plan accordingly. Your account lead will continue to share information and work together to refine your business’ strategies. At Tinuiti, we’re uniquely equipped with a remote-first culture. As of March 16, all of our employees seamlessly transitioned to working remotely and are conducting business as usual. Our employees are continuing to use cloud-based tools—such as Zoom, Slack and Wrike—for communication and project management. Our HR and Executive teams are ensuring each Tinuitian is safe and healthy through daily check-ins. We’re providing the necessary support through benefits, subsidies and/or equipment. In the case we have an employee who is not well, we have a buddy system for support and to assure there are limited disruptions to the service of your business.

To Our Partners

As a Premier Marketing Partner with Facebook, a Premier Partner Agency with Google and our close relationship with Amazon, we are in constant communication around our trends, clients, and opportunities, and will continue to work together to anticipate change and optimize performance. 

To Our People

Our HR team is providing bi-weekly communication to our entire staff to provide resources, updates and information on the company operations. Our executive team is additionally providing relevant information to our staff based on updates from local news outlets and the CDC. At this time, we’ve canceled all business travel. We’re closely monitoring any staff outside of the U.S. and asking that they inform us of any travel plans. Although our offices are closed, our security practices remain in-place for all assets. Our tools and technology are cloud-based. As a result, this allows for seamless and uninterrupted continuity to all of our clients. Our employees will experience no disruption in their use or ability to uphold our security practices.

To Our Community

We’re actively working to continue supporting our hourly workers, food service providers and other similar vendors during our office closures. We understand these are difficult times and we will continue to partner with them as much as we can in the upcoming weeks.

COVID-19 Updates by Channel

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