What’s New With MobiusX [Release Notes – Q4 2021]

By Tinuiti Team

MobiusX is our powerful AI-enabled eCommerce activation tool that uses product data as the foundation on which your media, bid, and feed strategies are optimized across campaigns for maximum profitability. MobiusX continually evolves to sell more of your product, faster, across all the industry’s top marketplaces. In an effort to share our tech updates and capabilities, Tinuiti produces MobiusX Release Notes on a quarterly basis to share our product updates to power your performance. Learn more about our technology here.

Executive Summary

We’ve introduced a new analytic model for Amazon metrics to help vendors better understand how advertising truly impacts revenue. For Walmart advertisers, we improved our campaign reporting to include different attribution models that offer more holistic insights. We further enhanced our Walmart reports by creating new budget metrics to improve campaign optimization. Lastly, we launched a new Walmart campaign creation interface –making it easier for teams to create and manage campaigns. 


Amazon Incrementality & Lift Modeling for Sponsored Ads

Relevant Audience: Amazon Vendor clients

The Challenge

Advertisers are often challenged by the infamous question: What is the impact of advertising on my overall business sales? And while Amazon’s standard reporting of ad-attributed sales offers some clarity, advertisers are often left asking themselves: Would I have received that customer sale organically if I wasn’t advertising?

Our Solution 

Vendors can now understand the true impact of Amazon Sponsored Ads on the Total Ordered Revenue of their Amazon business. Brands are able to identify products and categories that have a higher elasticity and are more likely to respond to changes in advertising budget and strategies. 

Available From: Dec 15, 2021

Walmart Campaign Optimizations with Custom Attribution Windows

Relevant Audience: Walmart clients

The Challenge

Advertising performance is often evaluated using a single, default attribution window across all products and campaigns, despite having different target audiences with varying consideration windows. This often leads to missed opportunities as a result of over/undervaluing your Walmart performance and misinformed ad optimizations to boot.

Our Solution 

Brands can now quantify how different purchase consideration windows impact their advertising performance and use that data directly in their bid and budget optimizations. 

High AOV items with longer purchase consideration time can leverage a 30-day performance lookback, while value-priced consumables can embrace a tighter 3-day window as to not over-attribute ROAS on those campaigns. Additionally, we can identify complementary items with a high brand halo effect and customize our ad strategy accordingly. 

Label and segment your campaigns based on these insights, then create saved views to easily return for quick and effective ad optimizations in MobiusX.

Available From: Dec 1, 2021

Walmart Budget Recommendations

Relevant Audience: Walmart clients

The Challenge

Budget planning for Walmart-sponsored ads today involves a lot of guesswork. Which campaigns are running out of budget? How much additional budget do I need to get through the day? Which campaigns yield the best returns, and how should I allocate my dollars accordingly?

Our Solution 

In our Q3 2021 release, MobiusX enabled advertisers to see exactly what time they’re running out of budget, helping them better understand missed opportunities to connect with shoppers. In this release, MobiusX expands those insights with new budget recommendations for every Walmart campaign to assist brands with future budget planning and optimizations.

Leverage budget recommendations alongside our custom attribution windows to maximize the impact of your budget analysis on Walmart.

Available From: Dec 18, 2021

Efficient Walmart Campaign Creation

Relevant Audience: Walmart clients

The Challenge

Creating new Walmart campaigns can be a laborious, clunky task with many moving parts. Different campaign types have unique configuration options, which makes it easy to miss key settings that can benefit your performance.

Our Solution 

MobiusX offers a guided campaign creation flow and easy-to-use setup for Walmart campaigns. This improved user experience allows advertisers to easily implement best practices when launching new campaigns and see all available options in a single view.

Available From: Dec 31, 2021

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