Elite SEM continues to grow at a record pace!   We are happy to say we that we connected with a number of new clients and industry partners in 2012, and are excited to collaborate with even more in 2013.  As we continue to grow our client base, we are looking to hire new employees for multiple positions to help us manage online marketing accounts and campaigns.  While we do receive a number of job applications on a regular basis, it became clear to us that to continue to grow and attract the right individuals, we needed to invest the time to create a section of our site detailing the available positions at our four offices across the country.

With that in mind, we revamped and re-launched the Elite SEM Careers Page!  The career page now has an easy-to-navigate, tabbed section at the bottom listing all positions currently available.  Each frame details the job title as well as the specific day-to-day tasks associated, and in which of our four offices we have an opening.  We have noted the necessary level of search engine marketing experience required to apply for each position.  In addition to the updated and descriptive job section, our four office locations are featured on the right-hand navigation to let interested readers know the exact address of the local agency in their area.  Click any location for a Google Maps pinpoint to see exactly where on a map the office of your choice is, and plot out your potential new commute to work!

We’re very excited to continue our growth as one of the top SEM companies in the industry.  If you have previous experience in the field, whether as a senior account manager or an account analyst, we encourage you to visit our new Careers Page and apply today!  If you do not have any experience in online marketing but are interested in Elite SEM or starting your career in search engine marketing, you can apply to join Elite SEM’s intern program.

Looking for an online marketing job opportunity?  Look no further!

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