Elite’s Week of Kindness

By Tinuiti Team

Elite SEM had our first random acts of kindness week in March. We challenged each member of Elite to do at least one random act and try to pass the good deeds along. Some employees shared the different acts of kindness that they participated in and I believe that inspired others to do the same. Below are just some of the highlights for the week!

Flowers were donated to a nursing home along with desserts being dropped off at a local fire station. Money was donated to an animal rescue that helped pay the medical bills for two abused puppies. One colleague even donated 18 inches of her hair to Locks of Love!

The Atlanta office came together and donated bags of clothes to Goodwill. Across multiple offices employees of Elite gave blood which can save 3 – 4 lives each time. We also had employees research and sign up for long term volunteer projects.

An employee in the New York City office created a Google + page for a local business to show their correct hours and information. That action helped the owner when she did not have the resources to hire someone to complete the job.

Our first organized week of kindness was very successful and I am looking forward to the next time!

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