Today Google announced “Expanded Text Ads” – now a beta, this will eventually roll out to all advertisers by Q4 of this year. The updated ad format increases real estate for every text ad, improving visibility across all devices. In fact, Google estimates that advertisers will experience an increase of up to 20% in CTR.

This brings up many questions regarding the timing of the test, its likely outcome(s), what the new program rules will mean for advertisers, who will be most affected and how, what is motivating the change, and best practices going forward.

Expanded Text Ads: What Does This Mean for Me?

So what does “Expanded Text Ads” mean for your paid search campaigns? Find out in our Point of View (POV): Google Testing Expanded Text Headlines for Ads

  • Learn the current timeline for this beta
  • See an example ad, showing “before” and “after” the update
  • Hear our short-term and long-term next steps

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