Elite SEM is proud to announce our Search Engine Marketing Google+ Community has more than 100 members (120 as of the date of this post)!  In addition to our Blog, Twitter and Facebook, this Google+ community is where we will be regularly sharing relevant articles, industry news, and expert insights.

Creating and/or joining Google+ Communities are a great way to engage with groups of people around different products, services, or interests.  Google+ Communities are still fairly new, so now is the time to start engaging your audience and there are unique opportunities to start your own group.

These opportunities can create a lot of PR and Brand exposure for companies in their own industries.  On the top of any community page you are able to see who created the community and is the moderator.  The more people in your community, the more vertical specific the content and engagement your community page has, the more likely users are to click on your company’s Google + page to find out more about you.  Additionally, moderating large communities can establish your brand as a reputable source and thought leader on industry topics.  It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

What would be a good community for your business to start?

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