Google announced several AdWords updates, features and tools yesterday through a live streamed announcement. Despite a significant amount of hype, Google’s AdWords announcement didn’t blow marketers away as expected.

However, Google did announce some new tools which will definitive help marketers improve their AdWords campaigns.

Google’s Jerry Dischler included some serious jargon in his announcement in addition to an overview of the history of ads, so to avoid listening to the recording check out the key tools highlighted below.

App ImprovementsGoogle AdWords innovations app

Dischler stressed throughout the entire announcement about the evolution of search and helping “people wherever, whenever on any device.” Reflecting the increased mobile and application use for online shoppers and searchers, Google has updated app advertising to get users attention, recapture lost users and measure user behavior across search, display and Google’s network.

App Updates

  • Better Discovery: Better ad distribution and placement for more app visibility.
  • Easier re-engagement: App re-engagement to help recapture lost app users.
  • Enhanced measurement: Increased functionality for advertisers to measure app performance.


Reporting Improvements

AdWords reporting and analysis is huge for Google advertisers, so many of Google’s announcements highlighted improvements to existing AdWords reporting features including Estimated Total Conversions.

Estimated Total Conversions is a program that Google has been testing which allows advertisers to improve tracking across devices. Google noted a success story to highlight Estimated Total Conversions performance, and noted it will continue to work on the program.

Estimated Total Conversions Update

Google AdWords innovations reporting updates

  • Continue to improve for performance tracking online and offline, across devices including phones.


More Bulk Actions Update

  • Enables to automate make many changes within AdWords across campaigns with only a few clicks, and set campaign goals while allowing Google to handing the dirty work.


Automated Bidding Update

  • Allows advertisers to automate account bids to maximize conversions, and site traffic.


Reporting Power User ToolsGoogle AdWords Innovations power tools

Paul Feng, Google’s Director of Product Management for AdWords covered the tail end of the AdWords updates announcement, which highlighted sneak peaks for 2 upcoming tools which are the most significant element of the announcement for  advertisers.

The two upcoming tools Enhanced Reporting, and Drafts & Experiments will help advertisers test ads and make better ad decisions to improve ROI.

Enhanced Reporting Tool

  • Tool which allows advertisers to make live report changes within AdWords
  • Functions similar to a pivot table with spreadsheet functionality and graph visuals for data representation
  • Multidimensional analysis tool to help advertisers spend less time migrating data in and out of AdWords


Drafts & Experiments Tool

  • Tool which lets advertisers test ad changes before pushing them to an entire campaign
  • Makes AdWords more of a lab where ads can be experimented on and tested more extensively
  • Lets advertisers create ads in draft mode
  • Enables advertisers to test ad groups against one another with different traffic segments

Of the tools and improvements highlighted, most advertisers are excited about the potential and capabilities around power tools, although they aren’t integrated quite yet with Shopping Campaigns. With the draft mode feature some advertisers have expressed worries that the AdWords Editor will be discontinued.


Do you think Google will do away with features like AdWords Editor with the AdWords Innovations update?

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