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Retail News

Below are the most important stories in retail search this week.

RetailWire: UPS Partners with comScore to Study The Effect of Free Shipping

UPS and ComScore surveyed nearly 6,000 consumers to better understand the importance of free shipping for ecommerce businesses.

The survey findings include:

  • Four out of five consumers acknowledged free shipping has a large influence in online shopping.
  • 93% of consumers take action to qualify for free shipping (including bundling more items or choosing slower delivery).
  • 58% of shoppers will purchase additional items to qualify for free shipping.
  • 31% of buyers will join a loyalty program to qualify for free shipping.

Businesses considering free shipping should assess the costs thoroughly to preserve margins and stay competitive in the market.

RetailWire: Bonobos is Creating 40 Ecommerce Showrooms

Bonobos, a men’s clothing specialist store, which currently operates 10 Guideshops announced plans to open 40 Guideshops  nationwide by 2016.

Guideshops enable consumers to make assisted online purchases in-store, such as trying on clothing. For retailers, Guideshops use the online store as a virtual stock, allowing retailers to carry minimal inventory, and keep store locations small.

Bonobos use of Guideshops:

  • Reduced online marketing expenses by 50%.
  • Sold twice as many suits sell compared to online only sales.
  • Doubled in-store purchases.


Digital Marketing News

Below are the most important stories in digital marketing this week.

Search Engine Land: The Future of Bing Ads

Microsoft announced its ecommerce plans for 2014 this month- including adding search scale, improving data insights, and introducing new ad formats for Bing Ads. As the adoption rate of Bing Ads continues to rise, Microsoft is looking to continue their success.

Below are a few highlights from the Bing Ads upgrades:

  • Bing Ads will increase the number of keywords advertisers can manage from 100,000 to 1 million keywords.
  • Microsoft plans to integrate more third party platforms and devices, such as iOS.
  • Performance reports will be available within 30 minutes to improve bidding effectiveness.
  • New ad formats coming include: Enhanced site links and video extensions a.


Tech News

Below are the most important stories in tech this week.

TechCrunch: Apple Hires Tag Heuer’s VP of Sales

Following Apple’s acquisition of Burberry’s Chief Executive last May, this month Apple Apple hired Tag Heuer’s former VP of Sales, Patrick Pruniaux for an unknown project.

Rumors suggest Apple is preparing for the launch of a new product, the iWatch to compete with the likes of Android based smart watches.

Stayed tuned for next week’s report on retail search!

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