Google Adds Call-to-action Extensions for YouTube Ads

By Tinuiti Team

Google recently released new call-to-action (CTA) extensions for YouTube, giving advertisers the ability to add an interactive, customized element to their YouTube ads.

Similar to the CTA found within TrueView for Action ads, these extensions introduce different call-to-actions to in-stream and bumper ads.

These new extensions can be great for advertisers with objectives other than clicks and conversions, such as driving awareness or consideration.

Here’s a quick look at how the new YouTube call-to-action extensions work, why they’re useful for driving awareness, and some data from a recent performance test.


Customizable Call-to-actions


Whereas the popular TrueView for Action ads have been effective for retailers looking to drive clicks and conversions, these new extensions can be customized for different actions, such as “Learn More,” or “Book Now.”

These new CTA extensions can also be applied to additional YouTube ad formats, including in-stream, bumper, and discovery ads.


call to action extensions youtube ads
Source: Google


The new YouTube CTA extensions replace the older Call-to-action ad overlays.


Cost-per-view (CPV) Bidding That Benefits Awareness Initiatives


In addition to these extensions being made available to other formats other than TrueView for Action, there also different bidding options that are optimal for reach and awareness.


cpv bidding youtube


For example, instead of Target CPA Bidding, advertisers can create a video campaign based on cost-per-view (CPV).

“The TrueView for Action format was released with target CPA only, which isn’t optimal for video prospecting campaigns with a goal of awareness or reach. Now, with the potential for CPV bidding, we are more able to drive consistent views and traffic for current campaigns.


kyle wiebalk


-Kyle Wiebalk, Senior Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy


Performance Update


We recently performed a test within one of our accounts running the following formats:


Here’s what we found:


youtube call to action extensions
Click on the image to expand into a new window.


“We ran traditional In-stream (without the CTA) and TrueView for Action formats against In-stream with the CTAs added over the holidays,” explains Courtney Bohan, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy.

Target CPA was used for TrueView for Action while Maximum CPV was used as the bidding option for both In-stream formats.

“In this particular test, we found that the CTA extension definitely had a positive impact on CTR. But this does not necessarily correlate with a higher conversion or view rate.”


courtney bohan google

-Courtney Bohan, Retail Search Manager at CPC Strategy


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