Facebook Is Expanding to Augmented Reality Ads

By Tinuiti Team

Following successful limited testing, Facebook is expanding access to its augmented reality advertising opportunities late this summer. In addition to AR ad delivery within a user's news feed, Facebook is testing a new mobile video creation tool that enhances options for brands.

The following is an overview of key things you need to know to take advantage of the new AR advertising features coming to Facebook.

In-Feed AR Examples

Some brands struggle to recognize strategies to integrate augmented reality technology into ad delivery effectively. However, there are a lot of ways that creative brands can do so. Facebook's initial testing has provided some compelling examples of successes.

In-feed AR works by allowing users to interact with a product's features using camera effects on a device. Fashion and home furnishing brands have provided some of the best early applications. Michael Kors was part of initial testing, and its shoppers could try on items without the need to visit a store.

In other fashion and accessory sectors, along with home furnishings and entertainment, Facebook users can similarly assess elements of a product experience through their device's camera. You could, for instance, see what a particular piece of furniture would look like when positioned in a spot within a room.

Facebook recently indicated that brands have seen especially powerful results from integrating AR ads within its Messenger tool. Engagement in AR ads has been ten times higher than with ads that don't feature augmented reality.

Calls to Action

A key driver of success with any new digital advertising format is the ability to move an interested user toward a purchase. The in-ad call-to-action features in Facebook's AR ads allow advertisers to direct the intrigued user toward the desired response seamlessly.

In addition to purchasing options, app-based ads might call the user to download directly after the AR experience.

Mobile Video Ads

Along with its increased access to augmented reality advertising, Facebook is launching a new Video Creation Kit that enhances mobile video ad options. With this tool, advertisers can create compelling mobile video ads leveraging existing images and video footage.

Similar to AR, early testing of the Video Creation Kit has shown powerful results. Some brands involved in the testing report a 70 to 80 percent increase in ad performance.


Facebook plans to expand its AR and mobile ad access to all advertisers in August. The testing data on Facebook's augmented reality and mobile video ads present a compelling case for their value to advertisers. It is important to take advantage of these tech opportunities to enhance the results from your campaigns and optimize return on investment. Social media users have grown accustomed to more personalized ad experiences, and brands must keep up with this evolving trend.

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