New Google Shopping Actions Program To Replace Purchases on Google

By Tinuiti Team

At the end of Q1, Google will officially phase out the former Purchases on Google program and replace it with Google Shopping Actions, a new feature that allows shoppers to browse and purchase items seamlessly across mobile, desktop, and even Google voice search devices.

Introducing New Google Shopping Actions

According to the announcement:

“It’s clear that people want helpful, personal, and frictionless interactions that allow them to shop wherever and however they want — from making decisions on what to buy, to building baskets, to checking out more quickly than ever before. Put simply, they want an easier way to get their shopping tasks done.

That’s why we’re introducing our Shopping Actions program. It gives customers an easy way to shop your products on the Google Assistant and Search with a universal cart, whether they’re on mobile, desktop or even a Google Home device.”

google shopping actions

Benefits of the New Google Shopping Actions Program

1) Customers can search for products on new platforms like the Google Assistant with voice shopping.

The latest program leverages Google’s virtual personal assistant to offer customers a hands-free, voice-driven shopping experience.

2) Help your customers shop effortlessly, across all of Google.

Google Shopping Actions also allows customers to create shareable lists, universal shopping carts and instant checkouts with saved payment credentials across and the Google Assistant.

Example: A shopper can do a search on Google for moisturizing hand soap, see a sponsored listing for up & up brand soap from Target, and add it to a Google Express cart. Later, in the kitchen, that same customer can reorder foil through voice, add it to the same cart using Google Home, and purchase all items at once through a Google-hosted checkout flow.

3) Increase loyalty and engagement with your highest value customers.

Additionally, advertisers can utilize features like 1-click re-ordering, personalized recommendations, and basket-building to turn their one-time shoppers into repeat customers.

Example: If Kelly does a search for “peach blush,” for example, and she has opted to link her Google account with her Ultamate Rewards status, Google will recognize this and surface relevant blush results as well as related items — like makeup brushes — from Ulta Beauty to help her build a basket with her preferred retailer. If Google knows she regularly purchases makeup remover on a monthly basis, Google will surface the same brand of makeup remover to her, right when she has the highest intent to re-order.

Who is eligible for Shopping Actions?

In order to be eligible for the program, merchants must sign up through the interest form and pass several trust, safety and data quality tests run by Shopping Actions with Express team.

Merchants will only be approved if they have goods in the following categories:


More on Google Assistant & Google Express

In 2013, Google launched Google Express (formerly Google Shopping Express), on a free trial basis in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. In Spring 2014, it was expanded to New York City and Los Angeles, and in Fall 2014 to Chicago, Boston, and Washington, DC.

Originally it was a same-day service; it now offers same-day and overnight delivery.


Unlike Amazon Prime which ships items from Amazon, Google Express leverages products from 40 participating retailers including Target and Costco.

For $95 annually (or $10/month) members receive all the benefits of Google Express including:

Fast forward to 2017, Google and Walmart announce they are teaming up to provide Walmart products through Google Express, Google Home, and Google Assistant.

In a recent guest post for CPC Strategy, Angelica Valentine, Marketing Manager at Wiser wrote:

“This new partnership could have greater potential than Amazon’s Alexa because, while Google Home adoption pales in comparison to the Echo, it has the added bonus of already being built into Android phones. And when your Alexa-powered device sits at home while you’re out and about, your phone, packed with shopping potential, is on your person around the clock.”

To read the full article, check out “What Can We Expect From the Google & Walmart Partnership?” or email tara@cpcstrategy for more information on Google Shopping Actions.

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