In the ever-evolving world of social media, it is important to stay on top of advertising updates to take advantage of new opportunities.

The following is a look at five of the most significant social media advertising updates for June 2018!

1. Instagram lets brands sell products in Stories

The Stories feature on Instagram has become increasingly popular, as celebrities and regular users alike have jumped on the Stories bandwagon. Due to its popularity, Instagram now allows brands to tag products for sales in a Story much the same way you can in a regular feed.

This new opportunity offers a very affordable and cost-efficient opportunity for brands, which when coupled with carousel units, has massive implications on direct-response advertising.

2. LinkedIn is introducing carousel units for Sponsored Stories

LinkedIn is the latest social network to build on the success of carousel ad units on other prominent social media channels. Quickly following up on its introduction last month of Sponsored Video Ads, LinkedIn now offers carousel text ads within its Sponsored Stories.

Given the success we’ve seen brands have with Sponsored Video Ads within LinkedIn advertising, we anticipate this new carousel ad feature in Sponsored Stories will also be a hit.

3. Twitter is expanding In-Stream Video Ads to all advertisers

Not wanting to be left out of the video-consumption era, Twitter has partnered with over 200 video publishers across the web, including Business Insider, CNN, IGN and more, to expand its In-Stream Video Ads to all advertisers.

As reported by Twitter regarding Beta testing, “Based on U.S. Nielsen Brand Effect data, people who saw In-Stream Video Ads on Twitter were 70% more likely to recall the brand’s ad, 28% more likely to be aware of the advertiser’s brand, and had a 6% higher purchase intent (versus those not exposed to video ads).” The results are very promising, and we will be testing these soon.

4. Facebook is expanding their Dynamic Creative ad units to carousels

Arguably the most compelling social media advertising enhancement this month comes from Facebook. The company plans to expand its Dynamic Creative ad units from static single-image options to include carousel units.

We’ve been testing these units with clients and have observed a 52 percent reduction in cost-per-acquisition and a 98 percent increased return on advertising spending. (Check out our recent blog post for more info on this.) The ability to amplify message content and impact presents strong implications for brands.

5. Snapchat is introducing Snap Kits

Snapchat’s newest feature allows developers to integrate their own stickers, filters, links, and other highlights, including high scores and workout stats, right into the Snapchat camera. This inclusion further leverages the social network’s key advantages of interaction and authenticity, but lets users better personalize and share images.

This feature may not immediately take off, but it should increase in popularity as companies get more familiar with its capabilities.

These are five promising introductions to social networks that enhance advertising opportunities. Take advantage of the ability to achieve greater influence with your market in cost-effective ways. For more social advertising insights, read our Ultimate Guide to Scaling your Facebook Advertising.

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