What is the Post-IDFA Alliance?

By Tinuiti Team

Apple’s upcoming iOS14 update is going to significantly affect marketers and business owners–especially those heavily invested in mobile ads and user tracking. 

While the update will bring large, sweeping changes to the advertising industry, it’s not as terrible a situation as many believe. Yet the update is still causing a lot of paranoia, speculation, and fear. 

To help fight this uncertainty, a group of mobile marketing firms teamed up to form the Post-IDFA Alliance

What is the post-IDFA Alliance?

The Post-IDFA Alliance is a collection of mobile adtech and marketing firms, which include companies like:


The alliance aims to help mobile marketers and app publishers understand and navigate the changes brought on by the IDFA update. The alliance represents demand-side platforms, supply-side platforms, and mobile measurement partners.

What is No IDFA, No Problem?

The Post-IDFA Alliance built the No IDFA, No Problem portal as a learning resource for marketers, app publishers, and businesses. The portal contains blog articles and videos, and interested readers can opt to subscribe to a regular newsletter.

The Post-IDFA Alliance also conducts webinars on various iOS14-related topics and even appear weekly on Clubhouse. 

Is the Post-IDFA Alliance right for me?

If you’re a mobile marketer, app developer, or app publisher, the Post-IDFA Alliance and the No IDFA, No Problem web portal will help you seamlessly transition your advertising campaigns. Sign up for one of their webinars and read their content, and you’ll have a much more grounded view of what the iOS14 update will bring. 

And if you have knowledge that you think would benefit other marketers, then apply to join the Alliance as a member, and get your voice heard. 

Want to learn more? Check out “The Future of the Web” to find out everything you need to know about the new restrictions, cookies, IDFA, first-party data, and all things privacy from our Tinuiti experts.

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