63 AdWords Editor 11 Shortcuts for PPC Advertisers

By Tinuiti Team

Last week, Google updated its AdWords Editor (11), which includes new tools for AdWords power users for advanced reporting and management.Google AdWords Editor 11

Below are useful keyboard shortcuts to use when managing your Paid Search campaigns with the new AdWords Editor.

AdWords Editor 11 Keyboard Shortcuts

Bookmark this page to review the top keyboard shortcuts to use when managing your PPC campaigns with the new AdWords Editor (11).AdWords-editor11-Google

AdWords Editor 11 Shortcuts

Ctrl+O : Open accounts manager
Ctrl+N : Add new item
Ctrl+C : Copy selected items
Ctrl+Shift+C : Copy campaign or ad group shell
Ctrl+Shift+K : Copy keyword text
Ctrl+X : Cut selected items
Ctrl+Shift+R : Revert selection to last downloaded state
Ctrl+H : Replace text in selected items
Ctrl+Shift+H : Append text to selected items
Ctrl+Alt+H : Change capitalization of selected items
Ctrl+B : Change bids of selected items
Ctrl+U : Change URLs of selected items
Ctrl+Z : Undo last action
Ctrl+Y : Redo last undone action
Ctrl+P : Post changes to this account
Ctrl+K : Check unposted changes for this account
Ctrl+Shift+B : Make multiple changes
Ctrl+I : Import a file
Ctrl+Shift+I : Import from text
Ctrl+[ : Accept proposed changes
Ctrl+] : Reject proposed changes
Ctrl+V : Paste copied items
Ctrl+Shift+V : Paste copied items into selected containers
Ctrl+A : Select all items
Ctrl+Shift+A : Activate selected items
Ctrl+Shift+P : Pause selected items
Del : Remove selected items
Ctrl+F : Search
Ctrl+R : Refresh filters
Ctrl+L : Clear filters

Combo Keys AdWords Editor 11 Shortcuts

Ctrl+G, C : Go to campaigns
Ctrl+T, C : Add a new campaign
Ctrl+G, R : Go to ad groups
Ctrl+T, R : Add a new ad group
Ctrl+G, K : Go to keywords
Ctrl+T, K : Add a new keyword
Ctrl+G, Shift+K : Go to negative keywords
Ctrl+T, Shift+K : Add a new negative keyword
Ctrl+G, G : Go to locations
Ctrl+T, G : Add a new location
Ctrl+G, Shift+G : Go to negative locations
Ctrl+T, Shift+G : Add a new negative location
Ctrl+G, W : Go to placements
Ctrl+T, W : Add a new placement
Ctrl+G, I : Go to topics
Ctrl+T, I : Add a new topic
Ctrl+G, P : Go to product targets
Ctrl+G, U : Go to product groups
Ctrl+G, D : Go to dynamic ad targets
Ctrl+T, D : Add a new dynamic ad target
Ctrl+G, A : Go to ages
Ctrl+T, A : Add a new age
Ctrl+G, Shift+A : Go to negative ages
Ctrl+T, Shift+A : Add a new negative age
Ctrl+G, N : Go to genders
Ctrl+T, N : Add a new gender
Ctrl+G, Shift+N : Go to negative genders
Ctrl+T, Shift+N : Add a new negative gender
Ctrl+G, T : Go to text ads
Ctrl+T, T : Add a new text ad
Ctrl+G, Y : Go to Dynamic Search Ads
Ctrl+T, Y : Add a new Dynamic Search Ad

Ctrl+? : Show keyboard shortcuts

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